"Are We Meant For Each Other?" Spread


This is just a spread I made awhile back. First spread I am posting here. Not for sure how to word the questions so if you can find a better way to word them, then let me know :) Let me know what you all thought of this spread :)


-----3 4------
------2 5-------

1. You and partner NOW
2. How you and your partner are together
3. Your Past relationship(s)
4. Their past relationship(s)
5. Result/Outcome/What needs to be worked on


Thanks for this spread! I'm going to try it out tonight. I'm in what's still a relatively new relationship, so this will be great for me! I'll post my results when I do it.


Hmm, I think it probably needs a little work, but I think that's because I don't care for things that require Yes/No answers. In particular, I don't like them on a spread intended for something important like this; while I think few people here would, you never know when you'll find someone who would do something like end a relationship over a bad card.

Barbaras Ahajusts


I just did this spread for a friend of mine. I don't really see it as a yes or no spread. Just an advice spread...;)

1. You and partner NOW..............Them.....RX Ace of Swords
2. How you and your partner are together...RX Ace of Pentacles
3. Your Past relationship(s).............Her.....Rx King of Cups
4. Their past relationship(s).............Him....King of Penticles
5. Result/Outcome..................................RX Wheel of Fortune

The jumper card was RX Death!

Its basically the same answer she gets all along concerning this one guy. Its not the right time! Leave the romance alone and remain friends!
Poor kid!

Thank you for the spread :)




What would the page of swords mean in the results outcome part, it's a neutral kind of card? Is that positive or negative in your eyes?



Hmmm...in my eyes, I'd think of it as "Be vigilant, keep an eye on this guy, take it slow". I'm getting from that card that he could be a sneeky guy and she should just be cautious and vigilant.

*ALSO* he could be a secretive person and just like his privacy so give him some space, but if you find yourself not spending a whole lotta time together, then it's probably not going to work out.


Thank you for posting SaMoon912, i'm looking forward to trying it out although i may add a few more questions to it. I might draw 1 card for each serious past relationship. Also i'd like to add a card as advice for how to improve things in the relationship. I also agree with Femalegamer, you can't really say a negative card for the outcome means you are not meant for each other. I would like to think if a negative card shows up then its an issue that needs to be addressed. A lot of people go through bad times but stay together, work things through and it makes them stronger as a couple. Just my 2 cents anyway. I'll try it out this weekend and let you know how i get on. :D


It seems like position one and two are referring to the same thing.


Actually, it's not...
One is a snapshot AT THE MOMENT since Tarot is known for picking up energies at the moment...
How you are together refers to in general...not just at the moment...


Hi Necromancer,

You would probably get a better response if you post this in the Your Readings section and give your interpretation of the spread first (per forum rules.)

That said, I just did this spread for someone I know, and the results were very good and resonated well with her. In fact, it was quite astounding!

Glad this spread rose to the surface again!