"Are We Meant For Each Other?" Spread


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As StarryStarryNight mentions, readings should be posted in the Your Readings or Personal Readings forums. As a result, I have removed Necromancer's reading from the thread.

It can be confusing because there are some older posts that have readings that existed before the current guidelines were put in place, and it isn't possible to remove those posts without disrupting the flow of the threads they are in.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding, and feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding this action - I'm here to help :D

Carry on :D

valeria; moderator Tarot Spreads


im gonna try this tomorrow...looks like a good spread!

fire queen

I used your spread to clarify some answers about my relationship issues too thank you. That is a very good spread


This spread worked WONDERFULLY. Thanks.


sorry i have a few things i need to clarify . i like the look of this spread but in the positions 3 and 4 doe,s this represent in another relationship? or this relationship what they are in now ? and position 2 meaning what brought them together yes? thnkyou XRX


Thank you for the spread,
I read this to my friend, outcomes looked satisfying.