Ascending vs. Descending: The Minors


I plucked this link out of the Ludy Lescot: Any interest in a study group? thread because I've had similar thoughts about how the minors should be ordered.

I too, have had thoughts that some of the suits may make more sense being ordered from 10-1, and other's 1-10 (but I'm also curious about removing the Ace from the general line up and placing it above all other numbers of the suit as a 'transitional' card from one alchemical stage to the next, regardless of numerical progression). I'm not exactly certain if it's as simple as saying the masculine go one way and the feminine go the other as mentioned in the link above. Considering the alchemy stages in another thread there does seem a logical progression of elements from Air-Wands-Cups-Coins which seperates the masculine from the feminine pretty definitively, though I see this in line with the 'theme' of the Ludy Lescot deck and relating it back to feminist principles and a matriarch society/faith system. How then, do the Court Cards play a role in this would be another question to consider.