Asherah Tarot, originally the Sarah Magdalene Tarot


Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a Sun card that has really spoken to me. There are a lot that I like but it's never been my favourite. This one hit me full force! That is a SUN!


Thank you! That is a very big compliment. :)
You are obviously a child of the SUN too, as well as being a MOON girl.

Little Hare

Beautiful! and i just want to say who cares if you don't want others to use it? the art is yours... it came through you




I'm definately more of a Moon girl - I have the tan to prove it too:) But when you see a card that embodies all that you feel it should it just moves you. Probably why a lot of ATers have so many decks - each deck is differnet and unique and there is a reason for having it in the collection but very few cards actually embody everything you feel it should in the one card.

You may not be thinking of creating this deck for reading but even for meditation, it would be wonderful!


I'd love it if people want to read with them. :)

I should add that I have a huge respect for readers, and that the one professional reading I got when I was at the lowest point in my life, gave me so much courage. The reader must have intuited my state of mind and the sweet things she said to me turned my whole life around. I wish I could remember her name.

I suppose my doubts lie in the fact that I am so bad at reading for other people, though I do it for myself all too often.


Well, you might be being a little critical of yourself. I think it boils down to a confidence thing too but if you read for yourself you're half way there and that is a great start...and it doesn't matter if you feel you can't read for others. I certainly lament my lack of artistic skill otherwise I'd love to draw my own deck:) Nut my strengths lie in different areas. I love to write.....:)


I love to write too! :)
I suppose what I mean is, it's up to readers to decide if they want to use them. I will certainly try and find some way of publishing them once they are finished. This is quite daunting though because I will make absolutely no concessions to my artistic freedom or my philosophy, which probably means I'll have to market them myself. Now this is something I am REALLY bad at, but I expect I will learn if I have to.


I'm sure there are a lot of people here who can help you with their experience with self publishing and marketing too.


another voice of encouragement here - your paintings are lovely and the imagery striking! just continue on one card at a time and let them tell you when they're ready to come on.