Asking for and receiving sings ?


Morning,afternoon or evening where ever you maybe.

I'm currently out on travels at the moments, away from my phone etc only have 3G on my iPad so my internet usage is imitated.

I hope you're all well and you have a merry Christmas.

Recently I've had some strange things going on, on the way to my destination a load off Tibetan monks (I believe) had followed me around in the air port. I jokingly said to my aunt if we get one on the same plane as us and sits on the same isle it's a good omen for me. Not quite sure what but it was one. And you'll never believe he did !

When we got here I picked up a crystal howelite then put it back randomly thinking I have my rose quartz I don't need another.

Later that same day the rose Quartz dropped it didn't shatter, to my surprise. However I can't find it now so I assume I lost it and it was meant to help someone else in the hotel I was at.

Given I clearly didn't need it any more.

That rose quartz always turned white around a guy :).

I went to a different destination and asked for a sign from my guides.And on the way to that airport I saw my first Land Rover after thinking there's not many out here and I might get some peace. As the guy loves em!

So I shrugged it off thinking it was me looking for signs.

We then went on a water taxi, to a zoo and out in the middle of the ocean I found a boat with a Land Rover logo on it (which I had a right old chuckle at)

On the way back to the hotel I saw another Land Rover and I haven't seen any since.

It's nice to know my guides have a good sense of humour though.

Any thoughts ?


:laugh: could be coincidence, but I think it is more like your guides are letting you know THEY HEAR YOU!!! :D

why don't you test them out and think of something else, totally outlandish and then see if THAT comes to be.

I know, when I'm doing my search a word puzzles on my computer, (generally when I'm sitting in the drs ofc, killing time till its 'my turn'....I will say the first word on the list that I am to 'find' and viola! almost as soon as I say it, it pops out at me. I do the 2nd word and again and I seem to quickly go through the list of words, one at a time, say it to myself, and it just seems to appear. My computer also times me on how quickly I am able to do the puzzle--and amazingly, I seem to do it in record speed--IF I say those words one at a time like I mentioned. If I don't say the word to myself, but instead just look for it--my score is never as good. So, I now make sure that if its all coming so quickly with ease to tell 'whomever' it is helping me, "thank you!" :D


serendipitous moments...

life's full of 'em...if one cares to look.


I feel like I have them. I have asked for feathers and other really strange signs that I wouldn't usually see. I was reading something the other day and it said about asking for specific coloured feathers. Where I live they're always white or black. So being silly I asked a question of my guides with a specific yes for coloured feather - no for white feather. Just for the jollies of it. my guides decided to have a laugh at me and sent me one bluish and one white !
Great no answer, but a yes we're around.


Cosmo I might try the feather thing & Celtic noodle I might try the trickery thing see what happens.

However I wasn't really thinking about land rovers out at sea I was largely thinking about taking photos off the opera house & harbour bridge. And the fact that I had just found some photos before hand off my dog passing away.

But finding a Land Rover logo on a sail on a ship out on a taxi out at sea đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚I just had to have a right old giggle.

Pete don't you believe in signs?



Cosmo speaking off feathers.

When we arrived my cousin found a white one in the airport.

Second time in the car I found one that landed on my aunt.

And I've been seeing them on the floor out and about in oz. I've seen two or three.

I've always believed white feathers are spirit saying hello I'm here, I've never played a feather yes or no with my guides. It's intriguing.