astral travel


Can anyone recommend good books or resources on astral travel? I've never formally pursued it, but it keeps happening by accident so I think I should study it a little.

For as long as I can remember, when I'm just in the right spot between asleep and awake, my spirit (I guess) takes little walks around my apartment. I can feel the tether to my body, and I'm sometimes semi-aware of the feeling of my body back in bed, but I usually walk around my apartment until I realize I'm out of my body and then it's like I get pulled back into my body and I wake up.

Last night though, for some reason I took several small trips to places that were not my apartment. Some of it I don't remember as well, but I do remember vividly feeling myself entering a sort of trance state, my breathing slowed way down, my body got really heavy, and then I just sort of peeled away or rolled over or turned around. This was a very specific feeling, peeling away or rolling away are the only words I can think of to describe the sensation but it was the same every time. One of the times I remember, I saw this large jar. I walked towards it, knowing my body was in bed, and found myself in a sort of middle eastern bazaar. It was in a sort of cave or valley, with rugs on the floor and people. I walked over to the jar and touched it. Everything was much more vivid than a dream, or even the shamanic journeying I sometimes practice. I saw, heard, felt. It was like I was actually there. Then I became aware that my body had to use the bathroom and I felt myself pulled back. I got up, went to the bathroom, and tried to return to travelling afterwards but couldn't hit that spot of trance/almost asleep, and just fell asleep.

It was actually very enjoyable, there was this feeling of freedom, so I'd like to learn how to do it when I want to instead of waiting for it to happen by accident again.

Clockwork Ghost

You may wish to consider the Trad Witchcraft practice of hedge riding. If you can astrally project with such ability then hedgecraft may suit you to a T.