astrology and Maat tarot

Le Fanu

juliecucciawatts said:
Hope that helps!
Massively! Thank you! That's all I needed to know. I was just at a bit of a loss as to the starting point. I think perhaps a "short history of the Moon" as an introduction to the book would have worked well. I felt suddenly plunged in out of my depth!

I adore this deck. I find it such a strong deck, a from-the-gut deck and each card speaks volumes to me. The Ancestral Path has, over time, worked its way up into my favourites (I now have 2 copies so as never to be without it!) and this feels like a more visceral, intenser version. As if that pan-cultural aspect of it has been taken and abstracted and taken up a notch. Sure the MAAT is a distinct deck but it also makes sense to me within the context of the Ancestral Path. Also, The MAAT is the only deck which has Art Historical references (usually a pet hate in tarot) which I can relate to and which don't seem forced in any way (Wright of Derby in the 3 of Wands? George de la Tour, Caravaggio...) I just find it so rich, vivid & opulent.

I don't think I will ever be an expert in astrology (my background is in Art History); I have tried many times to try and incorporate it into my readings, but if I can just understand the underlying structure at work here, the waxing and the waning, it's something else to take on board.

I'm a great one for understanding *the concept* of a deck before I can move forward with it. Responding only to the images and using another system as a kind of template, would be doing this deck - any deck - a disservice (but that's just me...)