AT and GT Newbie here:)


Hi all,

An AT newbie, Tarot/Oracle Newbie and soon-to-be Gothic Tarot Owner/User!!:) I'm working on a way to get this Deck very soon and I am excited to see that there is actually an entire are devoted to discussing just this deck!:)

Here I went and started my own thread asking others' opinions on GT and boy did I start something! lol. Didn't realize that such a deck could stir so many debates about its art, authenticity,etc..

Suffice it to say: I can't wait to start using this Deck! I know that its' gonna be one of my top favorites and I'll be carrying it with me everywhere (along with my Luman Deck).

The artwork is just gorgeously goth and atmospheric...favorite cards so far: The Chariot and The Hermit.....I'm sure I'll have more when I get my hands on all of them....

I think I'll join this study group regarding GT, since I am such a newbie regarding reading ANY Deck, lol!

Look forward to meeting and learning from all of you and GLAD to see other 'Goths' here!

Me thinks some of you may like movies of the same genre, too? *I do!!*




GOT My Own GT Deck, now!:)

Whoohoo, Thanks so much to one VERY sweet AT Member...I NOW own my Gothic Tarot, Hugs!:)

And WOW, I didn't realize how big they are...and the images are awesome!!

I'd love to share my favorites and my thoughts on them, but they're half the deck! LOL!

The Hermit and The Chariot are still my faves..and so many more of them, ugh.

OK, so I'm ready to start in the study group with them.

What now?