ATTACK of the ZOMBIES! Dark Fantasy Divination



They say it's coming!
Are you ready?
What does YOUR future hold?
Will YOU become infected like the rest of them or will you survive such atrocities?

If you dare to know, I will show you a glimpse of what YOU can expect during this futile time by using my extremely accurate..



It's practice Monday again..

This time I'll be having a little fun with some random zombie art.

Girl Archer

Generic fantasy read, so question removed. still sitting though.


I would like a message about attending school at the end of this month.


LOL! No friends, this isn't a thread like that.

I'm doing something different today if there's any time left. It's a fantasy based thread on the future ZOMBIE apocalypse and how you would survive it. No exchange, just your fb thoughts on whether the image indicates how you would endure a crisis like this.

It's all in fun and to be taken as such! Plus I get to display some really cool art work.. :cool2:

Girl Archer

Great, gotcha! I am still game :grin:

Coincidentally, I just finished watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Bring it on!


Ugggghhh ... šŸ˜±

How many sitters you takin?
I would like to sit in šŸ˜ˆ


I'm taking those who are brave and dare to sit. ;)

I'll be back shortly.. I'm a bit tied up at the moment but will be back soon.. Now's your chance to change your mind.. :grin:


I'm still game also

Victoria's Finest

Everyone SO secretly wants a zombie apocalypse, ha! I'd like to sit if you're still open :D.