Autumn Season Spread


As the days grow shorter, and colder it's a sign from mother earth that we need to do a bit of yardwork before our yards and gardens become victims to winter's cold wrath. As we work on our yards and gardens, it's also a reminder that we need to work on our lives as well.


1. Composting can be a very valueable asset to a gardener. All of the things that we do not use, can be put together and with time they become a fertilizer to help other things grow. This is what I need to gather up in my life that I may not find very useful right now, but will become an asset for me at a later time.

2. Everything in life needs to be pruned occasionally. Trees and bushes begin to get overgrown and block our view without proper upkeep. This is what is blocking my vision.

3. With shears in hand, I head off toward some bushes. This is what I need to get rid of that is not doing me any good at this time.

4. Autumn is a wonderful time to plant flower bulbs. You plant them, and then wait in anticipation for springtime when they flourish and bloom into all kinds of beautiful flowers. This is something that you need to plant in your life now, that you can look forward to blooming sometime in the next few months.

5. There are many different kinds of vegetables that are ready at this time from nice big ears of corn, to all kinds of squash, and pumpkins. This is what is ready to be harvested in your life at this time.


Azarial, you've hit on my favorite images of autumn, and turned them into an insightful looking spread. Beautiful. I'm going to try this one, and I don't usually do spreads! Thanks.


Green Faerie

I just found this spread today, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I am going to try it this afternoon. Thank you so much for an autumn spread with such beautiful imagery. :)


Is it possible to do it with Oracle deck too?


Is it possible to do it with Oracle deck too?
I can't see why not. I'm sure this would work very well with oracles, too.
I just added this one to our Tarot Spreads Index.