Baba Yaga Spread


(With thanks to Umbrae)

Baba Yaga asks us three questions.


1) What are you running from?

2) What is it you seek?

3) What are you willing to risk?


Wow! 10-W, King-S, VII-Char. Point well-taken and much needed! Thanks for posting this spread, Nisaba!


Great spread!

Just tried with my IDS deck and my stalker cards from yesterday have reappeared. :)

Simple but very profound...


Glad you both enjoyed it.


I'll use this with my Fairytale, most likely. :) I love that deck.


Very nice, clear spread. I just did it with my new Sun and Moon and I had a lot of insight.

Thanks for sharing. :)


Thank you for this spread! It was an eye opener!


Thank you for an interesting spread. Just tried it with my tarot of the cat people deck, 5-W, 3-S,XI Strength... wonder what the 3-S means.. definitely got me thinking. thanks again!


One of the reading circles tried this one. I was really impressed.


NorthernTigress said:
One of the reading circles tried this one. I was really impressed.
And another one is about to use it <grin>. Funny, reading face-to-face, I use my own spreads all the time. But on AT, using my own spreads in an exchange thread gives me the shivers. I like to call it pleasurable anticipation, but I'd be lying. There's an admixture or terror in there that people will screech about the unworkable spread.