Baba Yaga Spread


Minister_ΘU𐌋;4998639 said:
I'm upset for a number of reasons;
Firstly looking into Baba Yaga, I see it's Slavic root. Baba Yaga is a witch or shamanic woman, and from what I understand she is a neutral character, a quintessential zero.

<smile> And the spread seeks to turn the reader into their own Quintessential Zero,, their own inner questioner.

It is not for this reason I have found myself in upheaval. Rather I am soured by the western adaptation of the word "Baba" which in recent history has been used to often refer to male or female Christian Yogi's.

Cross-pollination happens. I tend to be a bit of a purist myself - then i'll go and do something culturaly inappropriate.

I hope rather that Baba Yaga's spread is seen for it's uniqueness.

So do I. Though, it's not 100% original - i based it on a conversation, years ago, with a forum-member who posed those questions to us, and I thought the questions would make a good spread.

I hope that you see some depth into my upset.

It was never my intention to upset anyone. :( But I respect your feelings.

Thank you also for the introduction to the legendary Baba Yaga. That is what I stood to gain.

Across many cultures there is the archetype of the Scary-Looking-Older-Woman-Who-Is-Actually-A-Teacher, ranging from kali to Hekate to Ceridwen to Durga to, even, the-wicked-stepmother/the-fairy-godmother. Baba Yaha, with her chicken-footed house, sits squarely in that mould, which is a venerable one.


Another old variation that works here is instead of dealing three cards have them cut the cards into three piles. From the relative size of the piles you can talk about where they are expending most energy and the least...running from, towards or why they are running.


This looks like a very useful spread nisaba! Glad you posted the later variation as it brought it back near the top for me to find! :D It has now been added to my notebook and I'll be giving it a try soon. Thanks!