Back pain can anyone help please?


Im a clutz I bent down feeding monster cat and felt it lock on me so here I am asking for some help please tyvm

pain is lower back coccyx
throbbing and also I have dizziness nausea with it.
happy to try herbs crystals in combination.
so far used wheat pack on back


still trying wheat packs woke up back is worse so dr has prescribed pain killers. yet id like to try gemstones with it ?! thanks


Fluorite, but in all probability you've pulled some small muscle fibers and it will take a couple of weeks to get back to normal. When that happens to me, a heating pad helps me the most.


its an ongoing thing its frustrating to say the least thank you for the reply Astraea I will give it a go I have to find a nice piece for this. Thank you


No quick fixes for this - even crystal therapy will take a long time. Physio, Pilates, acupuncture, heat packs & crystals on all your chakras - it's a holistic thing. Apart from fluorite there's green calcite, selenite, & all the colours of kyanite. Good luck!


I find that crystals work best for preventative care and health maintenance. For acute back pain, I agree with others that heat therapy works wonders, either a moist heating pad or soaking in a warm tub with epsom salts. Hope you are feeling better soon!


I will give all the suggestions a try. my sister got me some flourite I mentioned it to her I would like to try it and she put it in my postbox today! it's all shades of rainbow. blast im not member I wanted to show pic of it. i'll describe it.
lots of darkest purple/ minty green/white and heart shaped.

heat- using hot water bottle and dr upped pain meds I woke 3pm today --I know--I hadn't slept for 2 days due to it hurting I just slept like a baby. went to bed with my Carpenters progs on tv and headphones. ( Karen and Richards voices together wonderful stuff!)
I am not keen on pain meds I dont like to take them because I dont like using something that isnt natural. when needs must.
dinners ready Ive got to push self to get there. amazing how much we rely on backs and when it goes wrong we say how come? I was only lifting two bags of cat litter 'rolls eyes'

thank you for your lovely messages of well wishes and help enjoy the weekend tarot lovers!



When I first put my back out, it would have been in the middle 80's and my Doctor was really old fashioned. He told me I had to have bed rest and to lie on something hard and flat. At the time we hadn't been in our house long and the hard and flat thing we had was a door. So there I was lying on this door by the side of our bed. The only problem was the dogs - we had a German Shepherd and a bull-terrier cross. They obviously thought I was doing some kind of punishment and decided to join me in my shame lol

So in the middle of the night I heard a shuffling noise to my right and something heavy and hairy threw its head to my pillow, snuffling me across the face just to make sure I knew who it was, then something lighter came up with his head on my shoulder. So I lay there in agony with a dog either side of me. That was the last time I slept on a door by the side of the bed. lol

Treatment has changed now, they tell you to keep mobile and to try and control the spasms with pain medication. It works sometimes but usually it's just time - your back needs time to heal but be careful in the future when lifting heavy things. Rose quartz always makes me feel better, I have touchstones - also natural plain quartz.


Lodestone is good for drawing out pain, just make sure to cleanse it after. It sounds like you have recurrent sciatic pain maybe. Some proper stretches can really help with that. I make a really awesome pain oil for my sciatica and other ouchies. My mom has used it for her knee replacement surgery and says it's the best that she's tried. It's basically some good essential oils in a base of olive oil infusion I made from pine tree sap that I gathered last spring - it is GOOD stuff. If you're interested in trying a bit let me know. Another thing you might want to try is laying on the floor with a tennis ball under you where it hurts and lay down and roll around to move the ball a bit - it'll hurt while you'll doing it but relax up the muscles. I also am fond of laying in bed with a pillow under my bum and bending my knees and letting them fall out so my feet touch. It helps when my bones are slightly out of alignment to let gravity help put them back in place. You can tell immediately if you're in a good position or not because if you're not it will hurt and if it doesn't hurt it's okay.


Also there is a yoga position called The Cat for when you are feeling a little better - you have to go careful and slow but it helps towards strengthening the back. :)