Balancing your life: a 2-card daily spread


Hello folks,

A few days ago I came up with a 2-card daily spread. I think it's quite possible someone has thought of something similar before, but this has proven so helpful to me over those last days that I'm posting it anyway, in hopes that some of you will find it helpful too.

Quite simply, you draw two cards:
1 - what do I need less of, what should I do less?
2 - what do I need more of, what should I do more?

I like the moderation in the "less" and "more". Not as strict as "don't do this, do that". I find that applying these adjustments to my plans for the upcoming day REALLY boosts the quality of my experiences! Of course, I also cheat myself at times, thinking "it just said, work less hard on this thing, so it's okay to keep going for another while" - but in the evening I always realise I had better listened. ;)


This is interesting! Going to give it a try sometime this week :)


This came at just the right time for me! I've really been struggling with balance lately, I tend to submerge myself in one area of my life and neglect others. Can't wait to do this. Thank you [emoji5]

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This is great! I'm a fan of small, gentle spreads like this that give some general advice. I've done a similar one about with a third option: start doing this - a potentially new habit to incorporate.


Just tried it

Just tried you spread and I like it. I've been doing single draws on a daily basis for awhile now so this is an interesting twist on that.


Hey, glad to hear you all like the idea. :)

I'm still onto it every day, and I've learnt the most amazing things. I find that those two cards often relate to each other, which helps with the interpretation. I'm using the Shadowscapes Tarot, and it's really amazing how these cards manage to convey a mood and an attitude! Sometimes a single glance at those two pictures will say to me: "less drama, more hard work today". Okay, I say. And it really helps.


Wow! This is so perfect for me. Several of my recent spreads contain so many 2's, and numerological break down from a whole, into a 2. I am definitely finding balance as a main theme/ goal in my life and I am definitely going to give this a try for a week at least. Starting tomorrow!

Luna's Crone

I kinda like it. Gonna try it tomorrow


I am going to try this. Lately I am struggling with achieving balance. Thanks. I am going to keep a track of this and will let you know after a week. ;)

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believe ill give it a go now.thanks