Barleywine's Spread Index


As requested, here's an evolving index of the spreads I've contributed over the years. Compiling this is fairly labor-intensive, so I will be adding to it over time. PM me if you have questions about any of these spreads. They all contain developer's notes and insights for use, some more than others. The older ones tend to be sketchier in that regard. Where the final version of a spread is in a later post, I've noted that.

The 3-Phase Daily Orientation Spread
The Inconvenient Truths Personal Encounter Spread
Astro-Tarot Decanate Tableau
The Fool's Debut Pregnancy & Childbirth Spread
The Hidden Key Advice Spread
The It's-All-Good Luck & Prosperity Spread
The By-the-Numbers Crisis Management Spread
The Spirit of the Year Annual Look-ahead Spread
The Tell-Me-No-Lies New Deck Personality Profile Spread
The Three Judges Turning-Point Spread
The Cynic's Guide to the End of the World
The Us-and-Them Relationship Spread
The Salmon of Doubt Uncertain Future Spread
The Dysfunction Junction Conflict Resolution Spread
The Guardian of Truth Yes-or-No Spread
The Celestial Mirror Hopes & Fears Spread
The 3x6 Quarterly/Monthly Look-Ahead Spread
The Discourager of Hesitancy Alternate Outcome Spread
The Do-It-Yourself Outcome Probability Spread
The Enemy at the Gate Vulnerability Spread
The Leap of Faith Long-Range Forecast Spread
The Rest of the Story Follow-up Spread
The Second Opinion Moving-Line Spread (Decision-Making)
The Barometer of Fate Decision-Making Spread
The Crosstown Traffic Series of Tarot Study Maps (See Post #5)
The Behavioral Architecture Daily Draw Spread
The Troll Under the Bridge Kid's Spread
The Fool in the Middle Workplace Dynamics Spread
The Tripod of Self-Discovery Spread
The Galaxy of Good and Evil Tipping-Point Spread
The Train to Nowhere Missing Person Spread
The Crossroads of Necessity Decision-Making Spread
The Feeding the Elephant Needs Analysis Spread (See Post #5)
A Celtic Cross Experiment: The Traveling Significator
The Palace of Joys and Sorrows Conditional Spread
The Fool's Insight Situational Awareness Spread
The Five W's + 1 Decision-Making Spread
The Parifal's Bow Personal Destiny Spread
Barley's Timing Spread (See Post #34)
The Flavor of the Month 4-Week Look-ahead Spread (See Post #2)
The Sundial Location Spread (See Post #6)
The Beanstalk of Life ToL Alternative Spread
The Converging Lives Reconciliation Probability Spread]
The High Road/Low Road Major Dilemma Spread
The Lunar Month Look-ahead Spread (See Post #11)
The Light & Shadows Trending Spread
The Palace of the King Balance-of-Forces Spread
The Who Goes There? Personal Outreach Spread
The Aces High Motivational Awareness Spread
The Celtic Cross Configured for Elemental Dignities
The Pentacle of Revealing Spread
The Three-Point-Landing Spread
The Waypoint Life-Reading Spread
The Square of Life Life-Reading Spread
The Personal Well-being Outlook Spread
Parsifal's Wheel: A Celtic Cross Variation (My Personal CC Layout; see Post #3)
The Truth vs Lies Spread
The New Love Compatibility Spread
The Lost & Found Spread
The Diamond Sky Reactive/Reflective Modal Spread
A Twist on the Romany Spread (See Post #9)
A 23-Card Life-Reading Spread (See Post #3)
Ancestral Contact Spread (See Post #52)
The 5x5 Inner Magician Tableau (See Post #6)


Excellent! :thumbsup: This is useful since you have posted so many spreads.
I have linked this post to the main Index (page #1)


Thank you! I love your spreads. There are well thought out, complex and challenging.


Thanks Barleywine, efforts greatly appreciated. :)

Luna's Crone

Thanx. These help me with questions,