Be careful what you pray for. What does it mean to you?


ah yes

well it speaks to those who in anger say oh i pray that he get his, or vice versa. (there are those who pray for revenge somewhere in this world ).

but it also speaks to the person who manifests or prays that he get the car and works towards it, only to find he doenst like the car, or the costs are to much..
and it goes to all situations to a person manifesting a roomate, lover, job.
it speaks also to a person just simply sitting there sending angry thoughts,, and voila these angry thoughts affect that person they are sneding them to on some level.
it is for that reason in some form that people add in for the highest good of all and with harm to no one.

to me there is an added warning and that is if a person becomes to rigid on focusing on how something should be they miss even more better opportunites sometimes.

as i was responding to this i thought about the movie mr destiny where he wishes he could of hit that ball and end up with that crush in high school and later on realizes he was missing his actual wife.


Coincidentally I watched a TV programme on the crime channel recently that really made me think about this. A church deacon and his wife were having marital problems and he, his family and even the church congregation prayed for her to stay and she did (they reconciled and remarried after she divorced him). A few years later his wife plotted with her boyfriend (a church pastor) to murder him, went to prison and their children were left without parents. Her boyfriend's family was left without a husband and a father.

See Thad Reynolds murder for details.

Perhaps this is a good example of not involving third parties in one's prayers (same as spellwork) as it interferes with their free will?

I generally avoid praying for other people for this reason, but my uncle recently had a stroke and his prospects are good although he needs a lot of therapy. By praying for his speedy recovery I do not believe I am interfering with his life or death situation rather to ease the situation for all concerned and I know his family appreciates it regardless. I laid out some cards sending him love and healing energy which helped me feel as if my prayers were making a difference. I still feel unsure about the whole concept of praying for others though.

For myself, I mainly pray for protection from harm. I do not pray for material things. My "prayers" are generally more of a conversation. :D


I've dearly loved the person attached to every bottom I've kept clean and dry

I think maybe it is the loving you do best, shown in a very real way.

I vaguely remember asking(praying, wishing?) to be a stronger person...I certainly received the opportunities to help build this quality.


I think maybe it is the loving you do best, shown in a very real way.

But of course, when I was younger I missed the obvious and thought I was meant to be something lofty, far different than just diaper duty. :rolleyes: :p Lots of young people are like that, I think.


The title of this thread brought me back a few years, when my oldest niece was a freshman or a sophmore and sitting around the table with her friends and other cousins talking. They were all wishing for things out loud and talking about it when my young niece cautioned, "Be careful what you wish for! You never know how it will come to you!"

The other kids all looked at her and questioned her, "what do you mean?"

To which she replied, "well. I use to wish that I would get a lot of money and be rich. but then, I started to think about it and realized that I may one day get a lot of money, say from someone I know, which would be great, except if it was because they passed away and I inherited that money. Yes, I would like to have money but not at the expense of losing someone I love. So, I now see that you have to be very careful at what you wish for because you never know how it may come to you."

My sister and I looked at each other quite surprised at how wise this young girl was at that moment. That was many years ago, and this niece is now a grown career woman and married, but I always will remember this moment when we realized that she was truly growing up. :)