Belgium vs Switzerland Rider Waite Printing

Ruby Jewel

Does anyone know the years that the Miniature Rider Waite deck was printed in Belgium. I'm curious to know if it was before or after the cards were printed in Switzerland. I would also be interested to know the differences, ie, is the copyright on the card face, color and paper stock.


The Belgium printings came after the Switzerland printing.

Belgium printing for US-Games are/were from Carta Mundi SA in Turnhout.
The Switzerland printings were by A.G. Müller.
According to this site:
AG Müller was bought by Carta Mundi in 1999.

I have two copy of the Miniature Rider Waite mini, both printed in Switzerland by AG Müller.
One copy has no US Games copyright on the cards the other has the copyright.
US-Games cards without copyright are from the very early US-Games printing.

The Switzerland printings came after the Rider & Company printings (Blue Box) that have been also printed in Switzerland by A.G. Müller and Cie.
The Blue Box Rider Waite do not have copyright on the cards, this goes also for the Traveller's edition, the miniature edition of the Rider Waite deck coming in a blue box from Rider & Company.

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This is very helpful. Thanks very much.