Bernice (Bee)


I received a sad letter today from Bee's husband to say that she passed away on 30th May.

We kept in infrequent email contact since we used to moderate the Marseilles and History forums, but it was always a delight to hear from her. I never met Bee but still she was a valued friend and lovely human being, always concerned when I hadn't written for a while, as if she knew something was up. I'm truly glad our paths crossed.

You will see her black cat avatar on many posts around AT and notice her wit and intelligence in her posts. That's Bee....Denizen of the coalsack nebula.

Rest in Peace Bee.


I am terribly sorry to read this news. I loved to read her comments here.

Pax et Bonum


What a shame. She was already rather missed, and now will be even more so. :(


how sad

good trip Bee :(


I loved her little black cat avatar, and her insightful posts... :heart: peaceful journeys to Bee.


Oh, what sad news. :( I really enjoyed learning Melancholic's pip system with Bee. Thanks for letting us know, Moonbow.


RIP Bee. Miss her insightful posts.


Oh my goddess, i am sooooo sad to hear this! She was such a sweet, sweet lady!
i still have a cherished quaint kitty book and a deep blue silk scarf she once sent me
during a lovely trade years ago. RIP, dearest Bee, until next time...
And so the Wheel turns...:heart:


Sorry to hear that she was thoughtful person who expressed herself well.


Thank you for letting us know, Moonbow. I had missed Bee for some time, but thought she was taking a break from the online world. I always enjoyed reading her posts and seeing the Lenormand cards that she created awhile ago. Blessings to Bee.