Bio Rhythm!


I kinda think I did a thread of this already if I did, apologies, lets call this part 2 :) So what have you guys heard of it? It sounds like it has something to do with energy or "off" days or something, hard to explain, I don't know what it is exactly myself lol. When I start to feel off like a little depressed or feeling really tired/lazy, or slightly more irritated than usual, I check this site:

I usually don't always feel it, I think it depends what's going on. I usually feel it 2 days before and after it "crosses" the vertical line. Green is emotional, blue is thinking and stuff, and red is physical. I do think I have been feeling more tired, but I think it's the coffee/soda i drink on and off and sometimes melatonin throwing me off.

I need to do a cleasning -.-

So what do you guys think or know of the bio rhythm?

I know it crosses for me while I was in PA but I didn't notice because I was happy to see my family :)


You have posted a link to the forum list for AT - perhaps that was not your intent?




I......So what do you guys think or know of the bio rhythm?.....
I haven't pursued it enough to know. It is based on the amplitude, frequency, and phase of certain sine waves at the time of birth. To be honest, I don't want to know about my down days ahead of time. If, for example, I have an important concert performance Saturday (which I do), I don't want to know what my biorhythm status will be at that time. If it is going to be a bad day, I don't want to worry about it ahead of time; I'll just do my best, whatever. The same considerations go for predictive tarot readings.


Honestly if only life were that easy! If I wanted to know exactly how a day would be, I could check my rising moon and peregrine planet, cross-reference it with my bio-rhythms, map out my pranic chakras according to day, and would then confirm it all with a Tarot reading. I would then purify myself in the moonlight, bathe in sage and burn my house down with incense, and THEN! Well, then my success would be assured, wouldn't it? How could it not, if I covered all the bases, and looked at everything through rose-colored healing crystals?


I took a look at the site. And frankly, the whole concept disturbs me for a number of reasons.

Phase shifts happen. And what about ripple?

In my belief, people are affected by many factors. Chemistry (depression, etc.), chance & accident (shit happens), choice, actions by others, reaction to stimulii, and on and on and on. To think that one's well-being, outlook, or life can be laid out in advance using sine waves seems too easy. It makes it easy for a person to lay the responsibility for a bad day or a good day on something else. Rather than say, "my choices today and my reactions to situations today created this good result or this bad result," one can just blame the bio-rhythm.

Phase shift happens. Think of this as what happens when forces outside of the self affect that sine wave. It can shift phases.

What about ripple? Ripple is disturbance that rides the sine wave. It is that annoying buzzing in your ear, or perhaps that little voice telling you that YOU CAN achieve something even when your bio-rhythm chart is telling you that YOU CANNOT.

However, there are people who swear by it. And I wonder why. Perhaps self-fulfilling prophecy? But in my mind, it is not going to fix anything or help one feel better about oneself or situation.


I fear that like so many such bright ideas, it tends to be used as another way to abrogate responsibility for making changes in oneself. Along the lines of "Oh my son can't help behaving like that - he's INDIGO, you know."

"I can't do anything about my life; my biorhythms are working against me."

Just got me a chart. It's funny - as in ha ha :cool:. Emotionally I am GREAT, at the peak of my cycle - and you wouldn't believe how wrong that is. The only one that is borderline right is low physical. But it thinks I was OK a few days ago - and that was when it was a tremendous effort to walk up even the smallest slope.

Now biofeedback can REALLY help, if you learn to do that. It's primarily for body stuff, but can also help with metal issues.


Well, cynicism aside, I think that like any other "divinatory" practice, its main use is in observing life, and make you notice the different rhythms and cycles you go through, and through that find patterns. For example, if someone goes after the wrong kind of man a few times, they can use Tarot to help find the processes that make them go after destructive relationships. However, I would always counsel people never to rely blindly on Tarot, or any other single tool of reflection and information gathering.

The problem with this, though, is that it presents itself as scientific, when it is anything but. Now, I know, science doesn't know everything, but it does know a lot. More importantly, it has processes in place that allow it to predict answers and modify them for mistakes. The idea that the date of your birth somehow affects your entire life is basically woo-woo, and is meaningless. It is another form of weekly horoscope in the local paper. Even astrology isn't that simplistic, as it takes other factors into consideration, and isn't purely predictive or even descriptive. Pseudo-science can have disastrous effects, and I would recommend to everyone to stay away from it.

Ultimately whoever wants to believe will, but probably because they would believe in anything anyway. I think it's pure rubbish.

Briar Rose

I feel you are headed in a good direction to learn more about your energy and energy patterns. Understanding one's own energy can be like fine tuning (as you are asking about pyschic awareness).

I am always learning too! The huge learning curve for me is finding the time in work/life balance.

I feel that diet, exercise, ley-lines, people/plants/animals and working with crystals can also effect/alter bio-rhythm.


I've been interested in Biorhythms since being a teenager. I had my first chart printed out by computer while at school and was instantly attracted to the idea that I had cycles that started at my birth and would follow me throughout my life.

I've attached the Wiki site

I have no idea if there is anything in it or not, for me its not divination, I just check to see what kind of cycle I have for the day and see if I relate to it or not. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It doesn't change what I would do that day, it might have when I was younger but not now. I also used to draw my own charts but it is complicated and much easier online. Also charts are different and personal, my son and hubby's charts are very different from mine, mine are like lazy waves :) It was a thread I made on Biorhythms a few years ago, for any interested. :)