Birthday Cards


Hello ~

My hatching day was Saturday, and last night I finally got around to drawing my card. While I was shuffling, two fell out face up. They were, in order, Death and The Faeries of the Future.

I think a big change is in the winds for me, I've felt it blowing for some time now...a restless feeling. Wants me to drop what I'm doing and traipse off with Her, but that's oh-so-hard to do. It's winter, and Death seems to me to be an expected visitor at this time. She is clearing out the old to make way for the new. She is cleaning house to be ready to meet Spring. She is Change and Transformation. The Circle of Life spinning round and round.

So, I look at the Faeries of the Future, and I'm hearing birth, new life, new possibilities, the sky's the limit. They tell me to not fear the change that is on its way, because I will like what's coming. But I don't know these faeries very well, so it's hard to make out what they're saying.

I just thought I'd share. I really love this forum and reading the posts about everyone's Faeries :)



Hello again She Who Watches

Aren't the Faeries so much fun?

My take on these two cards would be the same as yours. Obviously you know how you feel at the moment and how they can relate to whats going on in your life and, if it fits - it fits!!.

The Faeries are telling quite clearly about a future change, but, if you want clarification, why not draw more cards to help narrow down what the Faeries mean or do another spread asking what they mean.... they can flit about quite a bit just to confuse us!

Good Luck Moonbow* :)

Oh yes and Happy Birthday for last Saturday