Birthday Faery


It's my 20th birthday today, and the first birthday I've shared with my Faery friends. I did a birthday draw, and Laiste, Moon's Daughter jumped out. She seemed to be smiling at me, saying "Yeah, you've passed the test; a lot of challenges have come your way, and you've done ok. Now let's have some fun." I haven't got to know some of my faeries very well yet, and Laiste's never come up in draws before; do you think her appearance now is significant?


Hi Dark_angel

To me Laist repreesnts a breath of fresh air, I think she would cheer up the gloomiest day and be the center of attention at a party. Just look at her, she got such a cheeky, fun filed, grin on her face. She's a whirlwind of activity. I know this is a slightly different interpratation to the one in the book, but this is how I see her. Dose this help at all?

and Happy Birthday!

Moonbow* :p


Happy Birthday, Dark_Angel, from a fellow Sag!

Ruby Red Slippers

Happy Birthday, Dark_Angel, from a ANOTHER fellow Sag!
Can't wait to pull my "special birthday faery" in 4 days!



Thanks for the birthday wishes and for the interpretations!

Laiste really does seem to be leading me astray - today we went to the hairdressers and I could feel someone telling me "Go for it!", so I'm now blonde with funky layers! Laiste has the coolest ideas!