Blocked Spiral


This is a spread I created after doing my own reading about where I need to be going in life. It said there was a blocked energy holding me back and I was curious as to what that was. So I created this one. It's meant to analyze and see where you have a block in your life and gives advice as to move forward. Figured I'd share it with you all here.

I'm horrible with layout design, but you place the first card in the middle and lay the cards out clockwise in a spiral design. The block at the center kinda felt like a weight dragging me down, so I always imagined it as the steps of a stairwell to pull yourself out of a dark pit.

1.) What is the block?
2.) How is the block manifesting?
3.) Where does the block come from?
4.) Internal influences
5.) External influences
6.) Something I'm not aware of about the block
7.) Internal actions that need to be taken
8.) External actions that need to be taken
9.) Advice for overcoming
10.) Something to remember
11.) Outcome

This worked out great for me. First time I'd actually cried in a while doing a tarot reading. Please, share your thoughts!

Victoria's Finest

Love this. Will absolutely try this one, thanks for sharing!