Blue Moon Ritual - You are invited!


Thank you very much.

This would be amazing to participate in. So I think I would like my petition to be.

Name: use forum name it is dear to me.

To obtain the strength I need to face my fears so I can move on deeper into my spiritual growth.


Your ritual sounds wonderful. I would love to participate and I really appreciate your offering this chance to us. I will send a pm with my name, etc.


think its a lovely thing you are doing too Pandora. have send you a PM :)


PM sent. Such a great idea!

Pandora MoonRaven

Thank you all! I have received them and will be adding them. Disa I did not get your PM. Will keep an eye out.

Tarot by G

Can I jump in. Your ritual sounds amazing and what a wonderful person for the invitations? If you have to many that's ok:)


Did you receive my PM, Pandora? i sent it a couple of days ago. :love: Bless you for thinking of others. You have such a compassionate and thoughtful heart, my dear friend! :*

Hugs and Blessings,
MG xxx


I would love to participate in this on Friday. I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer, ductal carsinoma(sp). On Sept. 11 I am meeting with the surgeon and discussing what the results of the MRI were.
I know that surgery is going to happen but as to what he will be doing I have no idea, either lumpectomy or complete removal of the breast,.
I guess my intention would be to guide the surgeon, protect both him and I during this surgery and that he is able to remove all cancerous cells and for a speedy recovery. If you can word this better than by all means please do so.
Love and light,

P.S. your deck is winging its way to you right now.

Pandora MoonRaven

Thank you everyone. We are up to over 50 petitions, will be beautiful! Attached a picture.


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