Bohemian Gothic (2nd Edition) The World

strings of life

This woman in The World card is descending down rocky, dark, and damp terrain. She steps on skulls as she makes her way down, but looks completely relaxed and unafraid, practically gliding! The jagged rocks and skulls don't cause her bare feet any pain, or if it does, it is of no concern to her. She is above it. There is a tall tree and she uses it to balance herself as she makes her journey. It represents wisdom, growth and being in tune with nature. It is barren with a few leaves on it, but in time and with age, it will become a grand tree. The things it will see! The sky looks dark, but the clouds are giving way to the most beautiful blue sky. The light from above--presumably the sun that is breaking through as opposed to the moon that we normally see in this deck--illuminates the water. Is this a vast sea or a lake? Regardless, the waters are calm, just like the woman. She has learned to conquer all of her fears and find her path. Her delicate dress is light blue and is not confining like many of the other garments in the deck. It is free-flowing, just like the woman is.

She represents the end of the ultimate journey and the culmination of what is learned. Once she gets to the bottom and she will start on a new path, but will be wiser based on experience, just like we will be when we experience the same thing.


Ah, another card that I simply love!


In this card I see a young woman drapped in sheer white material stepping delicately on a bunch of rocks on the shoreline. There are skulls mixed in with the rocks. She steps purposefully as if she knows which ones are tricky. She knows this because she's done this before and time and time again has made mistakes and learned from them. She started as the fool, but now she has conquered all the majors and gracefully avoids all "Problems"

The world is a card of completion. She's made her way through all the trials and tribulations and has made it. She holds the world and all is glory.


This is one of the most beautiful cards in the deck. Lovely.

She looks so graceful as she considers her surroundings where she is taking pause before she moves on. She is supported by skulls beneath her feet (fears she has 'tread upon' and conquered) She is lightly holding leaves from a young, live tree (life, and hope for the future)

The skulls are behind and beneath her, and still, serene water is before her. The moon appears full and bright, and though it is hidden by clouds, the light is still bright enough to illuminate her way. Plus, the light of the moon creates beauty in the lighting and shadows of this lovely card.