Bohemian Gothic Study - which cards are the scariest?


Bohemian Gothic - which cards are the scariest?

OK, we all know that the whole deck is unsettling. That's the whole point of it. :D But which cards are the scariest to you? Are you surprised at which ones affect you the most or were they the ones you knew would freak you out?

The ones that are scariest to me are:

Knight of Swords - He just flat out scares the bejezus out of me.

The Sun - Whoa! We pretty much knew this little guy (is he human or not?) is freaky.

Page of Wands - This is the one that surprised me. I had seen the scans and while it was strange it didn't scare me until I had it in hand. (shudder)

The Hermit is one I thought would scare me but once in hand it didn't have the same effect on me for some reason.

So how about it? Which ones freak you out the most?


Good topic, faunabay. I was surprised when I went through the deck how freaked out I was at the Justice card, the fellow holding the Malleus Maleficarum. It just stands out that's what the book is, and oh what a creepy idea of justice. Really well done.


Hi faunabay! I've gone through and admired all the cards several times over (this deck has taken me by storm with its beauty), but I have found that the times when the cards actually "scare" me or creep me out is when I see them within a spread and what they're actually saying to me.

The one that springs to mind first is The Sun! The first deck I did was my Deck Interview Spread, and the bottom card was The Sun. I read the bottom card as the underlying energies of the question, or the motivations behind the question. In this case, I saw the Sun as my need to find the best in this deck, but when I looked at this card, this boy was mocking me. I could hear his knowing little chuckle, saying to me, "Hah. You think this deck won't be as bad as all that... Oh, I'm going to enjoy this!"


Nice topic! Let me see... The scariest ones for me are:

The Hermit~He is so zomby-like and I would NOT want to run into him, ever!

Death~Obviously could be worse, but something about this image reminds me of the plague....

Judgement~Again, the horror of the fate of a human life. Pretty darn creepy!

Knight of Swords~Another personality I would not want to run into. It will be interesting when these darkest cards come up in personal readings!

The Empress~Who is the skeleton, anyhow???

10 of Wands~She looks so dark fairytale like, until you see her shadow and really wonder what is in those bags. I feel like she is a regular visitor to this castle. Unnerving, to say the least!


For me it's probably The Hermit because of a very strange experience I had around that card. Though I think this was about the whole deck rather than just one card, the whole thing seems focused on that hooded figure for me. There is, for me, an intensity to the image that isn't quite rational.


HearthCricket said:
Judgement~Again, the horror of the fate of a human life. Pretty darn creepy!

Judgement was another one I creepy. Just not quite as much as the other I listed. I did think to include it in my list, but decided it wasn't quite as scary to me.
The guy being raised again doesn't really look like he wants to! eek! Brought back to life went you didn't want to be. It also looks like it might be painful too!


I'm scared of the woman on the Nine of Pentacles. I don't trust her, I think she's mad. I think anyone disagreeing with her will be very sorry!

The Magician scares me. I'm being a hypocrite I think, with this one because The Magician is my favourite card in most decks, and this one is no exception but I mean, he's a master vampire...he can control me...

After studying The Fool, I'm wondering just how innocent the kid actually is...potentially very unnerving...

The Two of Pentacles - What happened to her other leg? How does she ride the bike with just one? Is it tucked under her skirt? She's hiding it well, if it is!

Page of Swords - That stone angel behind her looks fed-up and I'm sure it's filling the Pages head with bad ideas...

Ten of Pentacles - I wish the couple would run away from that guy in the house!

The Empress - Too creepy!

The Devil's pure evil.

All cards with children on! The Dark Side is not a place for them, yet here they are, seemingly enjoying it...

And finally (for now!) The Ten of Cups - The children have their eyes closed, maybe communicating together - the parents look very concerned...


What a cool thread and topic. For me the scariest card is the Lovers. To think that you could love or not have a choice to give yourself over to someone who could control you, and literally suck the life out of you,....sends chills up my spine just thinking about it.

The other is the Devil, enjoying the addiction to the point of it becoming a love interest. Think about it, it could be an addiction to money, shopping, drugs, food, sex, (well maybe not sex })), but anything that you could loose your soul to for the enjoyment of it. Very chilling indeed.

I find it interesting that with some of us like myself, view the cards as mental or a feeling. That scary portion of the ressesses of our minds that give life to the concepts. While others who view the deck, are more frightened of their physical implications. Sort of like the ethereal versus the physical. Neither one is wrong or right. This is very cool. :cool:



Great thread.

The Knight of Swords, but only because I used to date him. :D

:heart: M_M~


Master_Margarita said:
Great thread.

The Knight of Swords, but only because I used to date him. :D

:heart: M_M~

That's priceless!!!

Baroli :D