Bohemian Gothic Tarot - 2 of Cups


I just hate it when this happens. A female acquaintance, trying to rationalize getting mixed up with a completely unsuitable man. After asking my opinion, and not liking it, asks me to pull a card for her. I say to her. . . what's the point? You already know how this one will turn out.

She insists. Whatever deck I am using for my own personal readings will be fine.

One card, people. . . one stinking card.

The 2 of Cups.

I look it. Hand it to her with the lighted magnifying glass. Tell her to take a really good look. What has he just said to her?

Wanna come back to my place and look at my etchings?

Enough said.


sharpchick said:
Wanna come back to my place and look at my etchings?

Enough said.
LOL! With the bats in the background I wonder if she got the message. Then again, when I look at that card I tend to think that maybe the man is the one who might be in for a surprise, not the girl. ;)


Oh, I completely agree.

And to some degree. . . also relevant to this reading, in that she knows, but won't it make for excellent fodder for discussion with her (sympathetic) girlfriends?

Ah, all that wonderful drama by the victim du jour. . .

So they both get what they want.


Hey Sharpchick
When I look at this card I think, "Here are two people who know how to bring out the worst in each other."
If this is the "dark side" deck then they may be perfectly matched for all the wrong reasons.
It's like he's saying , "Honey, I'm going to mess with your head and ruin your life." And she is saying, "Sweetie, just watch out, you ain't seen nothing yet."
This has me thinking that there is "love and light" as well as "love and dark".
Not sure if it applies to your situation but it is another dark take on things.
Lisa - just call me "the dark side girl"


Alisa I can see what you mean here, these 2 seem to me to be perfectly matched also....he looks to me to be very used to getting his own way & being the one in control.... but.... I don't think he knows what he is about to entangle himself in or where it could lead him... I think he is the one about to have his head messed with & he won't realise until it's too late }) muaaa haa haa haaaa.....


The more I work with this deck the more I get out of it. Alex and Karen have gone through great lengths to evoke the "feeling" of the card in the broadest sense.
Love is weird :bugeyed:. The 2 of Cups shows all aspects of love and friendship. Both the man and the woman are well dressed, hinting at propriety and a sense of being civilized; but look at how he is leaning over, in a semi sinister way and she looks sweet but there is something not quite right about her. Ever seen two people in love who loved to make each other miserable? Or people who have friends that are flakey but they don't break the friendship because they are caught up in the dysfunction?
This card makes me think of love and friendship in totally different ways.