Bonefire Tarot Updates


Yes, it has actually happened; the dust has been swept off the webby site and the minor arcana have finally joined the majors. I posted as many as poss today and though still a bit muddled, this is all the images to date (though I can't seem to get the maths right and those duplicates will be gone by tomorrow). 50 cards are complete and on display and while web building will never be a passion I am seriously glad to have it done.
It would be great if you could take a look, the link is on my contacts page otherwise you can just look up bonefiretarot. If anyone is interested I can write a little about 'why Bonefire?'
In the future I will post a few cards on the forum as I go- to save on searching.
I have ambitiously set myself a time limit for finishing the original art work by the end of Feb 2013 at the latest- preferably a month earlier. I currently do about three a week. It is do-able though it is currently raining the kind of curve-balls which must be caught and not dodged.
Thanks for reading and if you take a look thanks doubly.
xxx wooden-eye


Wow! Took a look at your art work. It's very nice. I love all the color and activity in the images. Looks like a fun deck to read. Nice job! :)


Yay for you to finally get up and running and congrats on the 50 card milestone.


Very nice work!
Good luck with the rest of it!


Just a few of sample cards

These are just a few of the cards. The suit of Swords have been kind to me so far and I am over all quite happy with how they are going. The Queen needs some work, she was completed earlier than the pips and does not carry my ideas strongly enough.
I have only tackled a few of the court cards so far. They are all to be portraits of public figures who I feel embody the archetypes of their assigned suits. Many of them are teachers and others just seem to fit. This was something I wanted to do from the outset and could well be a rod for my back- as some may have wonderfully enlightening things to say to humanity, but may not be so comfortable in a crown. Hmmm -I shall have to think more about it. Ponder ponder ponder...


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Ooooh the more i see of this deck the more i want it :D

Super work wooden-eye :thumbsup:


I see what you mean about the queen. She looks more scared than strong. I think it's the big eyes. They still look awesome though.


9 of Swords

Thanks Guys!- just what I need to set me off again.
Starting work on the 9 of Swords today. I was researching some different interpretations, as my own learning has been pretty RWS and I always try to broaden it out before I start another card design. I am happy with 9 of S- as anguish and the "dark night of the soul"- so a fun card then, but it got me thinking about reversals. With a generally negative card like this, will a reversal flip the negative to looking on the bright-side or can it further compound the misery implied by this card? I found accounts of both.
I realise that this is not really a deck creation question, but for me it kind of is, as i often try to include some symbolism of the 360 degrees of meaning of the card (If you catch my drift).
I guess I'm really not that clear on how reversals are for other people as it seems it is more complex than flipping the meaning, especially in this really dark card.
Personally I have a tendancy to always try to look on the bight -side of a mostly negative card and would welcome a reversal as a get out clause. Looking more deeply into 9 of Swords is shining a light on my own demons. Damn, these cards just keep on doing that.
Also do people prefer "reversed" or "inverted"? I am starting work towards my LWB and I need clarity here.
Any incites on this would be awesome:^)


My life got a lot easier when I determined that "reversed" means "less powerful or successful." I see it as the card itself made wimpy.

It's so nice to see a deck in progress with competent, inspired, consistent paintings :)


Wonderful update!

I am loving these cards more and more!