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9 of swords

Thanks so much Debra. I'm so glad you think they hold together. I really like that for reversals. I have yet to fully absorb the neutrality of the cards and there mightn't be a right and wrong. I hear it and understand it and still fear doing it wrong. I guess it is too many years of conditioning and it will be a while before I can trust my intuition fully.
Chronata thank you so much for your whole-hearted appreciation.
I have been collecting up those minors for about three months ( it could be longer- I lose track) The majors kind of miandered along and had quite a break in the middle. I started the deck in around Christmas as a set of major arcana paintings. I moved to a knackered house in March and had a couple of months on very untarot tasks making the place livable. So by the time I finished them it was like Sept... I was very pleased to have them done and I don't know if you would agree, but I think most first time deck artists think they will just tackle the majors. When you are used to (as I was) just painting one picture after another 22 seems huge. I remember saying stuff like "I've done 8 and have blah blah to go".
By the time the majors were done I had concluded that, though I liked the set of paintings what use really were they? Like reading The Hobbit and never considering the Rings, so off I went.
Well anyway, here is Tuesday/Wednesdays efforts. The 9 of Swords, I went for a bit of a departure on this one and the image, very personal to my own dark nights feels absolutely right to me.


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Another amazing card!

I know what you mean about the almost need the Minors to tell the whole story! (says the girl who is still working on Minors eleven years later....)

I just showed my spouse your website and told him that this is the next tarot I have to have.
And I really do...your minors speak volumes to me, and they are so beautiful besides...

Can't wait until they are finished...(no pressure!)

But you really have to stop counting them as you will make you crazy! Made me crazy! It's easier to say..."I have THIS one to do", instead of "oh crap...I have 28 more to do!"


Wooden-eye. You have some incredible talent. I'm with Chronata on this, don't count.

This deck is top of my wishlist. It's just awesome!!!!


I second what baylys said :D


Chronata you are dead right about the counting. It's a bit of a deadline thing. Before children, I worked in design- all fullfilling briefs within set time frames and requiring the constant setting of mini-goals to get to the end in a timely,adrenalin fueled manner. I still do this now and should really try to knock it in the head.
Maybe it's because I'm a Capricorn.
Maybe it's because I feel a mixture of greatfulness and guilt that my family have agreed to support in my endevours and pick up the slack in all kinds of ways, but not forever.
Or maybe it's because friends and family (beyond the immediate) have long since lost interest in what i am doing (violins please) and now only ask- how many have I done and -how many more left? Even sometimes- oh are you still doing that?- Like I would just stop and let the materialisation of my deck fade away.
Maybe it's because I have been a crap hermit for months now.
Maybe it's because I'm 40 in Jan and want to be ready when 'life begins'.(nah- it's not that)
Maybe it's because I want to hold my own deck in my hands and know if I can read with it.
Maybe I should just shut up and stop saying maybe and go decide the next card, as I am loving every minute of it and will miss it when it is all done.:+}


Maybe it's because I want to hold my own deck in my hands and know if I can read with it.

You can...and you will. It's a truly awesome feeling!

Maybe I should just shut up and stop saying maybe and go decide the next card, as I am loving every minute of it and will miss it when it is all done.:+}

When it's can just start on the next one! :D


Remember your thread "I'm the Queen of Procrastination"? Well guess what....

Stop writing, start painting! You are delaying the delivery of my next deck!!!!

*all meant with sense of humour and tongue firmly placed in cheek, of course*

I can't do smilies on the tapatalk app on my phone so it makes context and humour a bit difficult.


Aye Aye Captain. Later though. Baking now. Daughter's party tomorrow. I could procrastinate this Queen of Coinsness right out of my life.
Just picked up all canvases (and most food) needed to keep us going til the end (of deck creation, not world) which is good as I have been driving further and further afield to get them, a teensy negative of living in regional Aus.
Hell's teeth- is that me wittering again? Laters!


This is beautiful artwork, and you have an amazing style. I hope you see this project through; it's a deck I wouldn't mind reading with.


Make no mistake. I AM buying this when it's done. I'd even buy this if it were Majors-only and I don't normally do Majors-only....