Bonefire Tarot Updates


I will be ordering this soon enough, as I mentioned in a number of places on this forum in the last several months, my dog chewed up many cards from my original Bonefire, making it unusable, so I have been patiently waiting for this version to be ready for purchase. She must have gotten some kind of bone -vibe from the deck, I reckon. ;)

Congratulations on this, Gabbi!!! This is a fantastic deck, thank you for bringing it forth!


Hi Jay-bee.
I found it didn't come up in google search, but from Amazon there it was. Mind you it probably won't get delivered here to Aus.
Jeepers! What if it is gone again! Did I dream it? Off to see if it is still there, above those novels you saw....thanks for looking.
Prudence, thank you for saying great stuff about Bonefire around here lately and I am sorry the original card stock was not quite up to your pooches rigorous product testing. I will mention this problem to Schiffer and see if they might come up with something less appealing to our furry housemates.


Yay!!!!!! I'll be pre-ordering on wednesday when I get paid. Can't wait!!!!!!


Wow! I'm so excited to see it come out in mass market form. It's one of my very favorite decks to read with but the original one is too stiff to shuffle with the arthritis in my hands. I cherish it, though.