Bonefire Tarot Updates


starrystarrynight and rwcarter -I just spent some minutes gazing at your posts -letting them go warm and fuzzy on the screen and then another cheeky look. One more peek and back to reality.
Thank-you so much.


Absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm loving all the symbolism especially the chakras in the major arcana. Best wishes and blessings. :)


Very nice artwork. I am looking forward to seeing more.


I love these cards! Can't wait to own a copy! Good luck with its creation and publishing!


Bonefire and I- back from the dead

Good morning all. We are feeling game today to type a few words. We got quite slowed up around the big Aussie summer school holidays. (I would never say a bad word about my lovely daughters, accept I can't think why they won't hang around the house all day while their mother paints without bothering her for anything- so rude; did their parents teach them nothing?)
So anyway, we are back in the swing now. Plenty more cards are completed. Hold on while I just do a quick count..... 68 -no 67 - one is the title card.
Just now finishing off -the Ace of Cups; a reward after the 5 of Swords and girding my loins for the 5 of Wands, a card I have already rethought twice and moved on.
With so few left now I have saved myself a couple of treats, but most left now are cards which have had little impact on me so far. I won't name and shame, but some of the minor wands need some love.
I am in recluse painting mode at the mo- as I am required to finish the deck very soon, at least the red eye late night stuff and am reminded that this is the bit I 'can' do. The organisation is looming large; decisions about printing, size etc and then the wait while I find out if it is up to scratch. Oo- I could get quite excited.
I was reading about 'kick-starter', as it seemed like it would be a good place to get the deck veiwed, even if funding goal was not reached. I mean, I know I look at the decks there so others must too. It turns out that projects can not be listed from Australia. My husband is a muso and was looking to have his album funded and received an email from Kick-starter saying he could not, to do with the amazon payment thing.
There is one crowd-funding site which Aussies can list on, 'Pozible' payments made though paypal- same format as kick-starter in that no payments are taken unless goal is reached, but I have not seen any Tarot there, it seems to be mainly musicians.
So I just thought I would give this a mention- in case any of you other deck creators had your eye on 'kick-starter' as your main vehicle to self-publishing. Maybe if a few of us turn our attention to 'Pozible' as an alternative we might get a little genre going there.
Please feel free to contradict me, if you know better; I am wrong at least as often as I am right.
I declare the vested interest that I might once have launched a kick-starter project, but as it doesn't seem to be the go, I hope you don't think think I am trying to publicize one!
I will post a couple more cards soon, but I guess I have to leave some surprises.
Love to you all xxxx Woody


Awesome update!!!! What a bugger about Kick-starter, that sucks!!!

If you need pre-orders to get funding a deposit to get to the printer, count me in. I WANT this deck!!

Where in NSW are you?


Thanks Baylys

Man-you are such a trooper! Thank you so much for the faith.
I'm in a little village called Green Point just south of Forster, mid North Coast, warm lush and a perfect place to hide, (if not from the mozzies and my own me).
We are probably gonna be able to handle the publishing costs, but I am looking into 'on demand'. I might start a thread to try and get a real objective discourse on self pub v finding some one to take on your deck. I am so impatient to get hold of the deck myself as I am dying to start reading with it- so getting on and doing it myself must be the way .
I just wrote heaps more and deleted it, I never do seem to realise that this is a public domain and you didn't ask for my life- story.


Add me to the list of folk also dying to start reading with your deck. :)

Love what I see of it so far. Hope you find a way to bring it out for us to share.


I just wrote heaps more and deleted it, I never do seem to realise that this is a public domain and you didn't ask for my life- story.

Pity you deleted it :). You could start a blog about the wonderful deck and its creation process (and there you can put the bits of your life story).