Book- Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy


Thats a new one to me - I have seen the website - the original sabian assembly but the book looks to have alot of detail
and it is still available
thank you for asking this question I hope someone else has it
but I hope to order it in the comming weeks



I've been looking through this book and the first thing I love is all of the index material!

pp 401 - 412 are single words from the Sabian Symbol. (alphabetical)
example: baby Can 12 ~
A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message.

pp 413 - 418 are the Keywords by Marc Edmund Jones. (alphabetical)

pp 419 - 426 are the words or phrases under the Theme heading. (zodiac order)

Each symbol's section shows a scan of the actual handwritten note card and 5 entries:
Today- astrologer's Daily Guide for sunrise symbols
Stepping Stones- list of additional keywords for meanings

If anyone would like, I can type up the Table of Contents since the feature is not on the listing. There's quite a bit of expanded use & method suggestions in the mere 30 pages before the Symbol info itself.



Preface vii
Introduction ix

1 The Origin and History of the Sabian Symbols . . . 1
the Early Influence of Charubel
the Mesopotamian Connection
the Plan
the Event
Early Work on the Sabian Symbols
the Sabian Symbols in Astrology

2 Methods and Techniques . . . 9
Determining Which Degree to Use
Transiting Planets
Chart Angles
New and Full Moons
the Sabian Symbol at Sunrise
the Sabian Symbol at Moonrise
Chart Rectification
Horary Charts
the Astrological Formula
~First and Second Halves of Signs
~Five Degree Units of Each Half Sign
the Hidden Genius of the Formula
~Fivefold Dimension of Self-Expression
Divinatory Techniques
~Framing the Question
~Calculator Method
~Mental Focus
~Drawing Slips
~Using a Clock
~Using Dice
~Using Playing Cards
~Journals and Scrapbooks
~Using Your Imagination

3 The Sabian Symbols in Practical and Everyday Use . . . 23
Literal Interpretations
Astrological Charts

4 Reversed or Negative Symbols . . . 29

5 The Sabian Symbols - Aries to Pisces . . . 31

Chapter Notes . . . 397
Index to Sabian Symbols . . . 401
Index to Keywords . . . 413
Index to Themes . . . 419
General Index . . . 427


hmmm sounds like after Christmas I need to purchase another book!

thank you for the detail... did you get it from Amazon?



Sorry I didn't see this. I've been in other forum areas lately. :grin:
Yes, I got it at Amazon (US)


Thanks Cardlady for posting about this book. I just received it yesterday and hope to get a chance today to really look at it. have you found it to help in understanding the Sabian Symbols better?


I'm not sure that "understanding" the Sabian Symbols is quite what I'm looking for when I get a new book. I'm the sort that likes to flip through many different takes and let it roll around the playroom inside my brain. :laugh:
For the most part, my current use is to look up specific points in natal charts or calendar day degrees- which I suppose is the closest thing to a Daily Draw/reading that I do. I can say that Diana Roche's book has supplanted Dane Rudhyar's in my which to grab first order.