What books are you using with this deck other than the one that comes with it? I have three other books and some of the interpretations don't match up, just looking to see what everyone else is using.


Depending on how I feel, sometimes I'll take out a few books and just compare the differences.
It helps to at least be open minded of any different meanings.
Sometimes, some meanings are relation-able, or trigger even more complimenting and complex understanding for me.


I know this is going to seem a little odd, but I have a method of my own that helps me quite a bit.

I use about three different books for interpretation, and a book on spreads. The spreads book is "The Complete Book of Tarot Spreads" it has 122 Layouts including some for relaxation and it's cut up into sections of a descent range of topics and situations. In using this book, I compare the order and placement of the cards with the situation in question. This gives me a little better bearing on the scope of the question whether I'm reading for myself, or someone else.

Hope this helps a little,



New book for Gilded...

I was BAMM and I saw a deck and book kit. It was using the Gilded deck and a new book, by Josephine Ellershaw. I was wondering if anyone has read or seen a review for this book?


No, but let me know what you find out. I have the Gilded deck with the book by Barbara Moore, and the Judgement card has been damaged! I have been thinking about replacing that deck with another Gilded. I get good readings from it. My second deck is the Llewellyn deck. It's good too. If I find out anything, I'll post you back on it here. :D


Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All! (15.56-amazon)
If you are thinking about replacing your deck this is an amazing price. This kit was just released May 1st. So I think that I will have to wait for a review.


I just got the Easy Tarot kit today. I wanted buy this kit for its accompany book. What I noticed at the first touch was.. cards felt very flimsy to me, not like the other Gilded deck at all :( (I thought I'd mention this because there was mentioning of replacing the deck...)

By the way, I like the book so far.



I am using Tarot for Beginners by Krystyna Aracarti alongside the Barbara Moore companion book that came with the cards.

I also have the Absolute Beginners Guide to Tarot by Mark McElroy. I loved this book when I first got it and started reading it cover to cover. When I got to the meanings of the cards I decided to do some spreads using this books interpertations but to be honest they did not make as much sense to me as the companion book and Tarot for Beginners.


Just added 2 new books to my Tarot Shelf:

1) Tarot: Your Everyday Guide By; Janina Renee

2) (Special Topics in Tarot series) Past-Life & Karmic Tarot By: Edain McCoy (with a forward by Mary K. Greer)

Both are really good books, and I have gotten some interesting readings with using them.




I have had Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom for years and only skimmed through it once in a while. When my Gilded arrived, I began it word for word while holding the Major card in my hand. Then reversing it for the reversed meanings to see how they compared. I don't agree with every thing she writes, but it was a great comparison - the decks she uses and then the Gilded.

I have decided not to go on to the Minors right now.
I'm going to pursue some various spreads from books that I have instead.

~ hope that helps