boy or girl?


Is there a certain Tarot reading that can be used to determine if someone is having a boy or girl? A few months ago a friend of mine kept getting the Empress card. I asked her if she thought she could be pregnant,(Empress and fertility)and she said that she could possibly be. She took a pregnancy test, and sure enough she was. So does anyone know a particular spread that could be used? -and I don't mean legs.


I don't know of a spread, but I do the ring test on people and have only been wrong 1 time because I rushed. Here is how you do it. You need a thread or thin string (I have even used a very long hair in a pinch,) and a gold ring (usually the person's wedding ring but not necessary.) The person should be far enough along that the baby's heart beat has been heard, the further along the person is, the more accurate the reading. You should be sitting down and the pregnant person lies down on the ground perpendicular to your feet (i.e. one of your feet is at her shoulders and the other at her hip). Slide the ring on to the string and hold the two ends of the string between your thumb and index finger. First, to show what I am doing, I hold the ring over the woman's heart and make sure it is still. I hold it there until it starts moving in a circular motion (like a pendulum), that is the indication for a girl and how the test works. Ask where they last heard the heartbeat and focus on that area of the stomach. Make sure you start with the ring totally still and you should remain as motionless as possible. If the ring starts to move in a circular motion as above, the baby may be a girl, I always move the ring to another spot and do the test 2 or three times before I say that the baby is a girl because I could be picking up the mother's pulse. For a boy, the ring will go back and forth in a line. If you don't believe me, try it over a man's heart.


Sorry to be blatant, but did your friend consider having a scan? That would show the sex of the baby quite clearly from the fourth month, or so. Just an idea.


I think that throwing a few cards down and looking at the present suits would be worth a try. I see a majority of wands and/or swords being masculine, and a majority of cups and/or pentacles as being feminine. also, I second the thought of your friend having a sonogram.


well, sometimes a sonogram (we call it "ultrasound" in the states) can show the sex of a baby, but it also depends on the baby's position and the skill of the technician.

just like the ring test, i suppose. :)


as to using tarot to determind baby's sex... i would think that you would be more likely to get messages about femininity or masculinity than actual genetic sex. hmm. what is the significance of gender expression in a fetus? i'd go with the ring test, myself.