Briar Rose's Slumber


Another Disney-inspired tarot spread to add to my collection.

This spread is a self-growth tarot spread. The story of the hidden princess who lived a life she thought was hers until she came to the news that her life was not what it appeared to be. She struggles to move forward and yearns to go back to the familiar of the past. Wanting to go back to how things used to be, but is pushed forward.

This spread is to help those who feel stuck in life, and always seem to be clinging to the past. This will help to identify the biggest main problem for not being able to move forward in your life, and help you understand why you seem to always slip back into the past instead of moving forward to the future.

~*Briar Rose's Slumber*~


1: Briar Rose - Your current state of mind; current overall quality of life
2: Maleficent - What you're unable to leave behind; the biggest reason for you not being able to move forward; your biggest temptation
3: Prince Phillip - How to best overcome this specific problem; so metaphorically, the weapon of choice to defeat Maleficent
4,5,6: The Three Good Fairies - Advice/Guide cards to help you, or suggest to you, ways you can start moving forward
7: Princess Aurora - Possible result if achieved; what may be in the near/distant future if you are able to move on. This could represent you or your quality of life; this could swing both good or bad or both. Life is full of surprises and never-ending lessons :)

I hope this spread can help some people out in moving forward! This can applied to all aspects of life whether it be work, social, family, romance, life or in general overall. It's versatile in it's use! Let me know how it turns out for you if you read with it!




Oh, I love these Disney spreads. I think this will be perfect for my Nicoletta Ceccoli tarot.:thumbsup: I'll add this one to our Tarot Spreads Index.