Broken crystal


I've just dropped my piece of sodalite on the carpet and it's split in half!

I keep it in a little cardboard box with my other crystals I use for oracle readings and dropped the whole lot onto the carpet. It's now split in half and I'm wondering what to do with it now. I haven't had it long and really love it so don't know what to do. I'm kinda feeling I could use the halves in combination with the two herkimer diamonds. Would this work?



Watch out for new truths/understandings to come. Perhaps you have released something or perhaps it was just an indecent.

Anyway I am not sure if I would use a broken crystal...

Village Witch

If your stone split when you dropped it on carpeting, it might have had a crack in it to begin with. A piece of malachite broke on me recently. While it upset me, I like looking at the portion of the stone that is now exposed. Some very interesting patterns. Perhaps a little scrying can be done with the now exposed areas of your stone.


Thanks for the insight :D I think there was definitely a fault line in the stone originally.
I've found that since the split happened my readings may have gotten a bit clearer. I put a half into each hand so I can both give and receive communications better :) the halves seem to pair nicely with the two herkimer diamonds that I use to connect.