Butterflies or Good vibes ???


Evening guys,

I hope I can post this on here, but all week I can't shake the feeling off of excitement as we speak I have rather large butterfly's in my stomach. It's making me quite anxious, I'm wondering if it's me hoping for a good out come of it it's positive vibes because a good out come will Happen soon.

It's mainly about next week I'm getting them for and nothing that I'm bothered about or anxious about is going on. I'm quite open when it comes to that sort of thing and easy going, I think I know the difference.

Last time I had vibes like these before something happened and it was a good thing, I've been doing my tarot reading this week and they've been telling me that I need to let things go and that I need to give others around me some space, and lies will be revealed and good fortune will come my way etc

Nine of wands, Page of pentacles, (pop out) Present the world, immediate future four of wands and future nine of challices.

Nine of wands and chalices have bees. Recurring this week a lot. (I've put this in incase any ones interested, I'm not after interpretations I just thought it might inter link).

I believe that my spirit guides are trying to let me know I'm on the right path? And something good will happen next week.

But I'd like others inputs please.