Byzantium exhibit & Stunning Iconography (merged)

le pendu

Thanks Full Deck!

This is awesome. Oh, to be in NY.




Thanks for giving us the link to this exhibit! My current fave deck is Kat Black's Golden Tarot, which is incredibly gorgeous as well as easy to do readings with The Byzantium exhibit has the same feeling as the GT deck.

Coincidentally, last night the Discovery Channel International channel showed a fascinating 3-part documentary on Byzantium and focused a lot on the artwork.



Stunning Iconography

Anyone who has Kat Black's Golden Tarot and/or enjoys the artwork of Byzantium, with its beautiful golden iconography, may want to check out the galleries on the St. John's Bible website

I've recently started to follow this incredible artistic project, which was featured in a PBS documentary a couple of weeks ago. Here is a small excerpt from the website:

"The Saint John's Bible is being created in a scriptorium in Wales by Donald Jackson, internationally renowned calligrapher and Scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Crown Office at the House of Lords. Though Jackson uses modern materials for his sketches, for the final illuminations he turns to the tools and materials employed by scribes more than a thousand years ago; vellum, quill pens, antique ink sticks, gold and silver."

The pages featured in the galleries are breath-taking and viewing them is very enriching for any student of Tarot artwork, even though this has, ultimately, a different purpose. Certainly stylistically related, though!



Advertisements have been in the newspaper and magazines about this, and I plan on checking this out. Looks wonderful.