Can&#39t make sense of card!


Hi there,
I am new in Tarot world and am using Mythic Tarot. I am reading the single card everyday,(as mentioned in by Joan) but since I started doing "single card reading", I can't make any sense of this. I can't relate what card is trying to tell me.
e.g. yesterday I had "Queen of wands", but I can't relate "it" with anything that happened yesterday.
It is been now more then a week. I somehow feel cards are not responding or I am not able to read. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?



Hey, Archana,

You're not doing anything wrong. It takes a while to flex the mind with tarot, to match card meanings to events. And to wake up that sleeping intuition that allows you to "see" which of several possible meanings is the right one for that moment in time.

Let's take that Queen of Wands there. Court cards are among the hardest to read anyway. The card could mean, on this day, you'll meet an energetic woman (positive). Or a woman who pushes you out of the way to take center stage (negative). Or just, a woman who is in charge of things in your life will be at the center of attention this day (be it your mother, your boss, whatever). It could mean, on this day, *you'll* feel energized, in charge, the center of attention, like the Queen of Wands. Or, on this day, you're going to annoy folk by being something of a prima donna--so watch it!

Or it could simply mean a day filled with energy and drama, like our Queen of Wands. A "take charge" day.

Did anything like that happen on that day? Or did you maybe feel, at the end of the day, that you ought to have been more in charge than you were? In which case, the card offered advise and not a prediction.

We all start by reading for ourselves, but the truth is, it's very difficult to read for yourself, much easier to read for others--once you feel you know the cards, of course. So don't think of the daily cards (or whatever spreads you use to teach yourself how to read tarot) as "predictors" so much as ways of familiarizing yourself with the cards and their meanings. Think of it as "excersize" and trial runs, not the race itself.



"We all start by reading for ourselves, but the truth is, it's very difficult to read for yourself . . ." Thirteen

If you are really new, and if you just skim over the boards, you'd think I spend my time knocking Thirteen. In fact, I am one of her biggest fans.

Nevertheless . . .

I think you can read for yourself. Who knows you better than you?

I do not like the "one card spread." Try laying out three cards each day. No situation you'll ever confront occurs in isolation. The quality or personal charactistics do not exist in isolation, but only in combination with other cards. So, study them individually (check Thirteen's Basics) and then try to read them together.

Remember, no quality is good or bad, except within the context of the situation.

Keep notes of the cards each day. Eventually, they will begin to make sense; you will see a pattern develop. Then, you will learn to read these patterns.

I could say a lot more, except a lot of people will do it a lot better.

"I will sing, I will go, and never ask me why/ I was born a rover and a passer-by." -- Torrence


Archana, the purpose of drawing a card a day is to help you focus on just one card at a time, and see if / how it applies to your daily life. The theory being that by focusing on the meaning of the card and seeing how/if it applies to situations you encounter throughout the day, you will have a "real-life" example to draw upon when you do more complex readings.

If you start to really feel bogged down or overwhelmed, cut back to a card a week, or a card every other day or so. Remember, the point is to familarize yourself with the cards, not follow any "rules" about spreads. Tarot is a very personal tool, I think, and so you need to find a pattern that works for you. It is natural that some cards or even whole suites (swords are my bane!) may give you difficulties. In this case, I would not further confuse myself by pulling a new card the next day. Instead, try to read more about the card that is giving you trouble.

I also use the Mythic deck. Sometimes, I find that if I review the whole story attached to suite or the Greek personality attached to the court card it is helpful, instead of focusing only on the "meaning". [i am assuming you have the book that goes with the deck which outlines all the fabulous greek myths the cards depict.] The Queen of Wands in the Mythic Tarot uses the story of Penelope, wife of Odysseus, daughter of Icarius. In this case, I think the Mythic deck differs somewhat from standard Tarot book descriptions, for Penelope is what in today's language we would call Super woman or Super-mom - a woman who is very capable and able to multi-task, while still remaining fiercely loyal to her beliefs.

To quote: "This figure is industrious, creative, versatile, strong-willed and talented...But she is also self contained and stable, for her fire is banked" [remember, we are dealing with wands here] "and becomes the warmth of hearth-fire, a centre to which many are attracted...The Q.Wands does not go chasing after rainbows or trying to fly to Olympus...she holds her great strength and energy within, and devotes them to those few things to which she has given her heart...."

Does that sound like anyone you know? Maybe you?

Thirteen gave a very good description. What I am suggesting is that sometimes, it might help with the Mythic deck to read the whole description.


Thanks to all of you for your reply!

I didn't had any feelings or met any women like 'Q of wands'. I do read whole description from Mythic book. I have both small booklet as well as Mythic workbook too.
Yesterday I had 5 of swords, but again I didn't see any sign thoughout my day.

Let me use 3 spread instead of 1.

Thanks once again for your response!



i was just going to suggest you using three cards instead of one LOL

i like to read a story with my cards, not single cards.....kinda like the alphabet.......the letters are fine alone, but they make more sense to me when you put them together to make words.

in light,


Hey Archana,

I believe someone has already told you this, are not really supposed to do readings with this 1 card method...this is just a basic method for studying the cards...this is not really a reading...

You do this 1 card method just to get used to the cards, to start making them strong in your unconscious....and, once you feel you are ready, start trying the "big" spreads, you know...try a Celtic Cross spread, for instance...

And , also, your concentration must be pretty good...if you simply draw a card, don?t expect too much from it ...the connection won?t happen, except for some rare cases...
You really have to work on the connection with the cards...this was also the topic of another thread in the forums...look it may help you a lot...

Well, but don?t you said, you are new in the tarot world, and these things take time ...just be can do it ...