can oracle cards be haunted? madame endora creepy post beware!


so if you are of a sensitive nature/nervous disposition look away now! dont read as this goes into poltergeist phenomenon.

ok im 50/50 on this one bought some madame endora cards and I am enduring the worst dreams of my entire life. I mean ones dreaming that a spirit is flinging me around dreams that make me have an urge to burn the cards to cinders. creepy? the scene nightmare on elm street J depp occurring in my dreams sure! yet years ago when seen it.

so I dreamt poltergeist was attached to me and spirits telling me it had been around me since teens and id always gone to mums room to try to rid it but its getting stronger now...and prayers wont help. so...honestly in dream this unseen spirit couldn't fight as wanted to fling me out of bed downstairs. which it did in dream.

lovely so kind of it!now id dreamt of these cards needing them before but now using them serious nightmares, what do I do with that? how do I deal with it? should I use them or avoid them.

now everytime I use the cards I get these kind of dreams at night and feel as if someone is following me.

no kidding seen a black shadow in my place. so started sticking the cards in a drawer and not using them.

am I mad to think my cards just maybe are possessed of some kind? or my apartment is?

I dont know what to think but, wasnt fun.


now I wonder it sealed or 2nd hand deck?:) maybe previous owner was poltergeist fan and watch that movie to many times for cards to *memorize?:)
or your reaction to art is simply bad?:) (even *fluffy decks can give you freak out expirince if topic don't sit well with your subconcious mind!:) lol

and wheter you should use it,,, imo things we should do/chose goes well/ natural easy and if there are some heavy bumps on the road it may mean it's time to stop n think are you on the wrong track?://

guess if you think it's evil you can burn it or toss in water(safe option)?XD
or simply leave it in local library shelf to make someone else mizerable or enjoy?XD lol ;)


its old not second hand at all, just wondered peoples thoughts. My logic mind is that its just un related yet weird same time use that deck.

Glass Owl

I love the Madame Endora deck (I received it in a trade) and don't find it creepy at all. I do find that it is accurate and truthful. I personally don't feel that the deck is connected to what you believe you are experiencing but if you feel more comfortable not using the deck, I'd suggest gifting it to a friend or trading it.


You could try cleansing the deck? Black pepper is great for banishing/cleansing/protection. You could put some on coals and burn it as incense then pass the cards through the smoke. Or maybe put a few peppercorns in the bag/box with the deck and let them do their job and later throw the peppercorns into running water or bury them away from your house.



you can also cleanse the house,, by
(use a cleaning herb,, then a blessing herb , do two passes)
play powerful music for a day .

take a salt bath
learn ground techiques if you don't already.

it could be that at this stage in your life, your psychic senses are opening so you have to learn and practice pschic protection
some resort to closing down their esp senses, but then your tarot, oracles work may suffer as it won't flow as easily ( at least in theory ).
far better to learn to harness your gifts.


I think I have realised why the nightmares it is a premonition of things to come as I stayed out all weekend. Neighbors were meant to move out they have but they have moved in worse their friends! and they are now slamming everything in the apartment drinking and hey they set fire to the lawn on purpose before going they are now chucking everything on garden below my apartment. police didnt turn up landlords did nothing. I am looking to move and in the process of apartment hunting.
I think the dreams were simply spirit being angry to grab me to say hey you need to move out or be moved as something is on its way. other tenants moving in new people illegal sub letting and throwing their items on lawn below me.
think hit nail on the head as yes its awful. they are using the garden as a dumping ground pants underwear photos drawers from apartment destroyed on garden and on pathway, main bins cant use same thing. I am officially in hell and I believe the cards were only trying to warn me.
I didnt heed the warning I am the only sane tenant who doesnt smash thing ups and have domestics and get blind drunk to the point I am a crazy person.
Yes I am scared and the cards reflected it. God knows what I am going to do other than move and pray its not as bad.

ive cleansed cards put on window ledge in moon/sun for 2 days and hopefully they are ok.
I will get use to them and you are right they are accurate. just needed to heed the warning and realise it was saying hey! im getting your attention any way possible.

my solace my fan put on floor and it blocks the noise. mirrors were working a while on previous tenants but..yes seems this place is doomed bad feng shui or something in the area.

my brother says that place is doomed you need to move this is nuts!


need to smudge my neighbors yet its not allowed is it! I keep sending positive vibes and hope it confuses them into calming down. I tried knocking door speaking to them but, walked off as well larger louts explained to them id not take their nonsense banging and slamming and screaming. made police appointment for anti social behavior report as the garden has been torched on purpose. feel sad person before won prizes for their poppies! she was a land girl and did a lot for the army author etc.
feel sorry her lovely garden is gone torched. violets iris's roses all gone.

I will try to find what I can for smudging but, I think I am out of luck here as the tenants are now worse and its building up.