Can someone recommend a spread for this situation?


In the past week I have gotten to know two new guys that have been working at my place of work for about a month now. Because I only work two days a week there, and the busiest two days, I haven't had much time to get to know either one of them up until now. Anyways, I think I am developing some feelings for one of the guys but would like to do a tarot reading to get clarity on how he sees me.

Any idea what spread would provide more clarity in this situation?


decision between 2 guys

* 1 *
2 * 5
3 * * 6
4 * * * 7

1 you
2 thoughts about A
3 feelings for A
4 what A shows outside

5 thougts about B
6 feelings for B
7 what B shows outside


There are a number of homegrown spreads posted by ATers. Look in the Index (located at the top of the Spreads forum as a Note or click here). The index for Crossroads and Decision Making Spreads is in post 4. The one's I've added to my spreads database are:
I also have a spread that I've attributed to Lunalafey, but I can't find it in the index or by searching. If someone else posted/created it, I'd love to have the correct info. I've called it the Caught Between Two Spread. I don't know if that's the original name or if I created/changed the name to be that.


(4 and 5 are supposed to be directly over 6 and 7)

1-3: Querent's needs in the relationship
1. Heart
2. Mind
3. Soul
4. How Person A will fulfill those needs
5. How Person B will fulfill those needs
6. Person A's pros
7. Person B's pros
8. Person A's cons
9. Person B's cons
10. Querent's subconscious feelings about Person A
11. Querent's subconscious feelings about Person B
12. Person A's feelings
13. Person B's feelings
14. Guidance/advice

Hope one of these is helpful to you.



Thank you!!


Tale of Two Choices :p
But the name you gave it works too.