Can you help identify this deck?


Oh, I have that! Those are tha backs of what is actually a Lenormand deck, not a Tarot. This is the French Cartomancy Lenny, and it was available along with a companion book in The Easy Lenormand Set by Katz and Goddwin.


Thank you both, gregory and EmpyreanKnight!

Here I hoped it was a really stunning tarot card back... hahahaha.

You guys are awesome!


You're welcome, Nica!

By the way, the Lenormand Oracle by Tuan is quite something. I mean, most Lennies are playing card size, altho the French Cartomancy from the Katz set I have is a bit bigger than most. My eyes fairly bulged out of their sockets when the Aeclectic profile for the Tuan deck described it as about 3.5" X 5". I mean, really - that's bigger than most Tarot decks! In fact, it's the biggest Lenormand I've ever heard of. I wonder how the Grand Tableau with this would work out.

I'm going to watch out for this set for when I get into my Lenormand phase.


Laura Tuan does good stuff. Check her out. Her tarots are rather LARGE, too.


Large decks are good. :)