Can you identify my crystal please?


just wondered if the link is working and if anyone has any ideas what the largest stone is please? I keep looking at it was told pyrite yet is it really? I had seen folls gold as just silver so I dont know if this is something else?

thank you


The link works fine, but the photo isn't great, and it could be anything from Shap granite up..


for me the link doesn't work, I have no idea why?


I dont have a better camera for close ups hopefully someone will recognise it. yes its sketchy they were unsure when sold it to me and its heavy too need two hands to lift the rock.


This time I can't see it either. I always just upload as a guest, myself. As you did for the first one. EK - did you try the link I posted for her -

Here it is uploaded by me, shrunk and slightly tweaked...



Hey, thanks! That looks much clearer now, gregory.

I don't know but it seems like a calcite cluster growth on a bluish stone of sorts tho I could be wrong. I'm going to try to check it out my books