Car 11 - The Singer of Transfiguration


The Singer of Transfiguration, to me, is one of the most beautiful Singers. When I see this card I think of the Phoenix being reborn from the ashes, yet in full flight at the same time. Looking at the glowing centers that radiate from him I see all of the Chackras aligned, and a freedom attained. He indicates to me our ability to transfigure, not change but evolve, ourselves through our experiences and personal growth. I find the Singer of Transfiguration very inspiring, and a reminder that we always have room to grow and better ourselves personally, emotionally, and in any other way we need to.


Lovely, Jewel!

The other Singers are ethereal and blue, 'cloudy' looking as if they are made from starlight and mist, whilst this Singer is unique, seemingly made of pure red flame...powerful, energised, strong...

Then there is is the striking shape with outstretched wings...not as wispy and tendrilly as the other (pretty) singers, this form has a 'punch', a simple beauty...whilst the other singers seem to form and re-form themselves into shifting shapes as you view them, this Singer has consolidated all its powers into one decided, beautiful form, of a bird (Phoenix?) as you point out, it reminds us all of what we can become and how exhilirating such evolution can be!


greenbeans said:
this Singer has consolidated all its powers into one decided, beautiful form, of a bird (Phoenix?)
If you are not familiar with the Phoenix, you should definelty read up on them. Amazing and beautiful creatures.


what would Dumbledore say?

I only really know them from Harry Potter! It would definitely be interesting to read up on them in mythology etc.


This card reminds me of the lava bird creature in Fantasia 2000. It's destruction was needed for the forest spirit to change and grow. I see the brow and crown chakra almost unnoticed. The base is the brightest. The blue streaks are its eyes.
I also see two rats facing each other over a brightly lit hole. I see blue streaks where the ears would be.