Carbon Tarot - First Deck Sketch (BW)


So I have been working on a new deck for some time and decided to upload the High Priestess sketch for some thoughts or feedback.

EDIT: Find sketches for finished majors at the end of this post
All sketches are hand-drawn and then inked in with 0.3 and 0.05 inkpens. No digital manipulation is or will be used. All artwork is original and copyrighted by author.

Actually I have been working on the concept of the deck, so the symbolism etc and I have only now gotten to illustrating. The aim is to create a deck (Majors only at first) which back story comes from the unification of technology and humanity. Right now, humans have the choice to become gods or demons, creators or destroyers; we are carbon creatures creating silica creatures (computers, AI), and this is what the deck focuses on. There is lots of symbolism, a lot of it drawn from Kabbala, and also heavy imagery of circuit boards, barcodes, hard wiring etc.

The sketches are black-and-white, but the deck will use colour. I will probably publish two versions - coloured and black-and-white. The published version will be named Tarot of Transcendence.

So, what do you guys think?


The High Priestess

The Empress


The Devil

The Star

The Moon


Great start. I think you will hear some opposition to the font works, unless you have a really good tarot reason for using this one?


Oh, absolutely not - thanks for the feedback also - I will probably only keep them on the prints. I will use a much... calmer version on the completed version :)


Less is more. And use only one font too. You wouldn't want it to look like a font sampler ;)

I like the details in the image. It has a lot of potential. I'm looking forward to seeing other cards, as well as colored versions of the line art. :)

Also if you want to tell a story with your art, you might want to use each of the tarot's sections (majors, plus each of the suits), as frameworks, maybe even sections of your story. You'll get a clearer structure, as well as something that flows better.

I hope that helped.


Right, the font is not only distracting, it's in three different styles which doesn't fit with the card design. You don't want a distraction from the picture.


Not that we are obsessed with fontworks here :)

Show us some more cards!! We are actually pretty easy going on card art


Your feedback is much appreciated. After my partner also said that the fonts were atrocious (while blushing and saying he didn't want to say anything earlier), I cleared up the text and inked in the two first cards, HP and Temperance, the concept sketches for some other majors I will try to upload this weekend.

I will upload the HP and Temperance once I get them scanned.


I think you've got a really great start! I can't wait to see more cards :)


love that moon, love, particularly on the HP the hard wiring, neat twist.