Card 22 - The Master Maker


The question from a one card reading, put to the deck was;

'How can I overcome the immense weight I feel in both my personal life and in my spiritual life?'

The Master Maker took this call...

The Master Maker

In this card there is a female fae, with ram horn's, she is older and very learned, she looks the quite type, thoughtful, yet capable of mischief.
She seems confident in herself.

Upon her brow there stands the Master Maker.
He is a round bellied, fellow with red hair and whisker's, he holds a staff with a glowing of light, in his right hand, his left points, small finger's curled, and index finger down(like the magician in Rider/Waite). His transluscent wings held high behind him.

Seems this card is saying that mind over matter is accomplishable.
that you do indeed need to blend these things together.
cooperation, within yourself, and with other's...

Trust yourself, and strive for balance.
Do the best you can, it will come...

Ok, now...
I haven't read the book to see what these cards mean.
I'm trying to find what I see in them, then see what they have to say for themselves from the book, so I'm fixing to check that and then add a bit from there.

Key words:
Skill, Craftsmanship, Magician. Moral strenght, Invention.

He would be the first to tell you, that superb craftsmanship, however magical, is hard work---joyful & energizing hard work, but always challenging.

He reminds us, 'No job is too small to do beautifully.'

Plan meticulously, begin carefully, and persevere through difficulty, learning still more of our craft as we work.

Be willing to tackle difficult challenges and have a determination to surpass previous achievements.
Patience is always required, as is the willingness to do a thing again & again until it is even better than the best one can do.

Learn your own limits.

Discover your talents,
choose your craft,
then you gain great joy & fulfillment from developing.


I got him recently when I was hip-deep in a art project--making a mask of scathlach (spelled wrong) a celtic warrior woman/goddess. I was obsessed with the project every waking minute for a couple of days, and kept trying to do things with it that I didn't know how to.

Once I put him over my workspace to oversee and lend energy to this, it went much better, what I needed was there, on every level, and every "mistake" was actually a new and better direction.

I was amazed at the result--I don't think I could have made it without him reminding me to seek perfection in every detail, and more, to trust the flow of the work waiting to be born.

He is my current favorite fae--perhaps because I feel I understand him better after this experience. And I am so greateful for his help, and what he brought back to conciousness in me.


Master Maker is the Faery Magician in my deck. His staff and the way he points down remind me of the Magician's pose, and his winking eye reminds me to keep one eye focused on inward growth, while our outward world moves on.

The beautiful female whose head he rests upon, to me, is the Faery High Priestess. From the void, the Magician steps up and begins to manifest his world, taking concepts from potentiality to reality. They enjoy working together.



I think you hit the nail on the head when you described him as helping you work in cooperation with yourself and strive for balance, it is the moral strength aspect of him talking to you I think. Also I think he is telling you that you might need a little fun mischief to help you.

When he comes to me it is always as the happy task master *LOL*. He really motivates me when he is around. My creativity soars, and I have to put my skills to use.


I just got the Master Maker as the probable future/ outcome card in a relationship reading. He seemed to say "You can make this work and work beautifully; Be Here Now, Don't wait for the future Make the future." But as I was reading for my own personal relationship I'm quite possibly biased. I would appreciate some feedback on what the Master Maker says to you about relationships.


I used to hate this card, because of what the book said about it. See, I'm an artist and kinda lazy, so I would get this card all the time, telling me to up my skill and do my best, ect.
It's hard for me to separate my own feelings from the book's meaning.
I see the serene horned fae, and him standing on one foot and pointing downward (as above so below?)
He's winking and also his lit staff seems different, not like flames, but more like a lighted Qtip to clean out of ears to receive his message even when we don't really want to