Card 30- the Laume


The very last card in the index to be finished!

Poor Laume!

She just gives a slow smile and says she doesn't mind. In fact, goodbyes and endings are somewhat of her speciality. Things which other people find painful or a nuisance don't seem that way to her. She was happy to wait her turn, because she is totally, truly unconditional in her giving. Not looking out of the card for our approval and admiration, but off to the side to see who else needs her help.

This fearless fae will go anywhere to help those who need it, even into danger, as her tattered, but still shining, wings attest. Like her sister Losgunna she will travel into the darkest heart, but she seeks not only to explore but to give love to lighten the darkness.

I don't know who the smiling man on whose head she sits is, but my feeling is that he is someone benefitting from her kindness. As he receives joy, so he is inspired to 'pass it on' in whatever way he can. The truly generous nature of the Laume can inspire us all to receive help without false pride, and to give truly of ourselves. Which is, I think, one of the ways of getting the best from the Fae.

So, this is the end of the this goodbye?

Her slow smile tells me that it is just au revoir, because the next time I benefit from the kindness of strangers, or am inspired to commit a random act of kindness or a senseless act of beauty...the Laume will be with me again.


Greenbeans, I think we were fated to make these threads :)

You've just given the Laume the best send-off anyone could hope for, and who better to comment on the Topsies than someone who has one of them as a Guide? :D

Somehow I'm glad it was The Laume who was the closure and completion of this group, because any other card would be an anticlimax and Death would be depressing ;)

Though this is complete, may it's use go on and on. With the Fae, there will always be always be something new to learn.



Aximili said:
Greenbeans, I think we were fated to make these threads :)

Though this is complete, may it's use go on and on. With the Fae, there will always be always be something new to learn.


That is a nice thought! I remember it took me AGES to go through the index when I first found it, weird to think of other people going through and reading these in future! The Laume is perfect as the last one, a little melancholy, but in a happy way (if that makes any sense???)

And you came along at a very fortunate time indeed-just in time for the Tospie Turvets! Hopefully you and An will have much more to share with us and to teach us in the future. Its been fun!


Of course it makes sense. In a way we are saying goodbye, but in another we are saying hello. And anyway, you can't say goodbye to what must have been a labour of love without a bit of regret, can you?

It's been fun,, and it's going to carry on being fun. And I look forward to every minute of it :)


Great work, Aximili and Greenbeans! and Jewel :D

I have marked the occasion by making Laume's link in the Index special :D

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Wow what a very nice surprise!!! I got all busy at work and had not come around much this week, and BAM! its all done :D

I actually had the Laume as my card of the day 2 days ago ... what a coincidence, Greenbeans was working on her :D I am a bit pressed for time today, but will make time next week to comment on her.

Valeria, thank you for your patience over the last few months of this project. We are really lucky to have such a great moderator. Cudos to you!

Greenbeans and Aximili, thank you for your important contributions. Your energy and love of the fae are sure to inspire new members that come along. Remember that this project is never over. These threads are alive so from here it will grow with new contributions and keep this study group alive. Particularly for people just wanting to learn about the cards themselves. This project has trully been an effort of all study group members through the years. That is so cool!


Anyone else feel like The Laume is the older, wiser sister to The Lady of the Song from HoF? More open and giving. But related.


Dont' know Lady of the Song.

I have difficulty with the Laume. I don't really understand her. She sits on this mountain man with tattered wings. She has a serene look on her face. She has a crown (crown of thorns?) Is she co dependent? She reminds me of loneliness. She also seems kind of sad.

I think she's supposed to be compassion personfied as she is originally a sky spirit whose compassion for people brought her down to earth to share in our suffering.


Her name sounds sad when said out loud, she looks away saddened. Her beautiful mirror like wings are shattered. The fae underneath I really don't see as joyful, more like he's shrugging, accepting what is. My mom would say "It is what it is."
That fae though is scarved with may other fae faces, reminding me that one action affects many like ripples in a pond.