Card 49 - Mikle a Muckle


According to our study group index we do not have a thread on this little guy so I start I would start him one.

Mikle a Muckle is a cute little faerie (elf he tells me with a grin on his face). He loves playing in the bushes and is a jovial soul in general. He is quiet, but friendly, and although he prefers to listen he seems to have no problem what so ever in making me spend money on Faerie things. He also claims that the picture on the Magic Realist "Wild Elf Boy" tarot bag is his brother, which of course he made me purchase a couple of months ago *LOL*.

When I get Mikle as my daily companion it is usually a light hearted day full of smiles. It also makes me really want to go out into my yard and be around nature and check out all of the plants to see how they are doing. He is most definetly a nature spirit.

What are your thought on Mikle? Have you had any experiences with him?


I love Mikle. He brightens my heart with his grin. He reminds me that there is always something out there to be thankful about and that getting down doesn't do anyone any good.

He also makes me want to get into whatever pile of stuff I have a muck around in it. Whether it is junk mail or clay.

His infectious personality seems to take over and his energy seems to flow through.


faerylvr said:
His infectious personality seems to take over and his energy seems to flow through.
I also experience this with him. And he is also so innocent in his own way *LOL*


You know, for some reason the last week or so, though I haven't felt like handling the cards themselves at all, I've been getting visions of Mikle and of Nelys the Alchemist very clearly in my mind's eye at odd random moments...I wonder if these two have got something to say to me. They seem an unlikely pair in a way...


They probably do! You should pull those two cards out of the deck specifically and see what they have to say. Then come back and share of course *LOL*.


I have been getting this faerie every time i ask about a particular person, can someone tell me what it may be about.


I wrote this about Mikle à Muckle quite a while ago, and the querent said it didn't apply and then 6 or more months later PM'd to me to say that it retrospect, it was right after all! So, in that spirit I offer:
Marion said:
Faeries laugh at sadness and fail to see why humans get so worked about life. They don't think life is silly or a game, oh no, they understand life well. They know about love and loss, sorrow and joy but they accept it as it comes in it measures. Seasons are more meaningful to them than to us, to them understanding the seasons of life is part of the air they breath and they want you to understand so you can float and not sink.
Seems to fit that fae.

Maybe the person you ask about, Adjustment, has a good sense of perspective on life, doesn't get "into the weeds" with things.


I didnt get a whole munch for this card.
Only that he was kinda dorky, in a good friendly way. Good natured. He would call me Ma'am.