Card 61 - G. Hobyah


We all joke around a lot about G. Hobyah so I was quite shocked when I realized he did not have his own thread!!!! So here you go Hobyah buddy! *LOL*.

G. Hobyah is one of the Fae that usually hit the "my least favorite faerie" list due to his agressiveness, and his appearance of insanity. I have learned that when he is around chaos usually follows him. If it is in the home, well then we are talking leaks, the refrigerator going out, the repairmen not showing up. Anything that will totally ruin your day *LOL*. At work it is about frenzie, demands on your time that you cannot give, freyed tempers.

On the other hand, I have learned over the years that Hobyah is acutally quite insecure, and hides this behind that facade and in chaos so people will continue to fear him. Once you call his bluff he is sort of like the "boggarts" in the Harry Potter books. That is probably why we joke around about him, as we have realized that his bark is definetly a lot louder than his bite, though he still causes inconveniences regardless.

If he is hanging around you, leave out some cheese and say "Take your cheese and get out Hobayah!" You do not have to be mean (and I would not recommend you be mean), but do be firm. Then take the cheese outside and repeat "Take your cheese and get out Hobayah!". It has worked for me and for Faunabay. So I thought I would pass that on. It does not matter what kind of cheese, but he likes cheese!

Miss Divine

I can't help it..but he kinda scares me.
That is why he is my least favorite card. He looks totally evil.
Hope I don't meet him to tell ya the truth HAHAHA...


I know this is a fairly old thread, but I haven't been around for a while and I was reading back . . .

Recently I had one of my best friends in town and she was looking through my deck commenting on how the various cards made her feel. When she got to G. Hobyah she actually dropped the deck. He really scared her.

It was odd to me, because I always found him rather endearing. Kind of reminds me of that little mouse from The Phantom Tollbooth, the one that cast a huge shaddow and tried to be all scarry, but was actually tiny and timid? He has always represented things that seem worse or scarrier than they are. He represents letting the little things get to you, or letting fear hold you back. I laugh at him because I think under all that scarry outside, he's affraid and doesn't know what to do. He jus ttries to scare us, so he doesn't feel so scared, and so he feels more in control. I actually think he's kinda cute.

Anyway, by the end of our "session" I had told her how I felt about him, and gotten her to take a good look at him. She started to see him differently. I found it interesting because she is being held back by a lot of fear right now, and letting the little things drag her down, because she feels like she has no control. After a while she was saying, "Why was I so scared of him?"

Anyway, I am hoping it will help her look at her fears differently. I know he has helped me take mine more lightly.


What I remember reading on this forum, and I apologize that I forgot who originally shared this, is how this card plays with your mind and your ability to interpret his true Faery name...

If you read the "Gh" together and turn it into an "f" sound (as in the word "tough") you realize all the sudden that snaeaky little G. Hob is actually talking to you about your "Phobia".

What a capricious little man, I adore him. He never scares me, in fact I often feel like when he shows up, he is protective and nurturing - a cross-eyed imp who skews your vision so you can learn to see straight.


Alissa, I think it might have been SunChariot who realised that one? It is cool how the faeries have so many little tricks up their sleeves!


I found that thread while I was reading back and I loved it! I had often noticed how the names of the fae would mimic an engish or latin word that had a related meaning, but I ever would have figured out Ghobyah = phobia. So cool!


I loved to discover what a reader had aid about the pronunciation of his name!
I see his face as being fake, he's making strong "X" with his arms. He is building physical and mental walls against his fears. He has jaggedy branches from his head and back. It looks to me like his third eye is blocked somehow, like there is clay over it.