Card 62-The Glanconer


The Glanconer also reared his head over and over again for me at the Harvest Festival.

See how the face is there behind his eyebrows?
That was just so visible in the readings.

Something hidden. Something poorly hidden, but we let ourselves be deceived into thinking it isn't there.
What is it we need to see, so badly, but won't see?
Why are we allowing ourselves to be fooled....

Another thing I kept noticing about this card was the sleekness of his body. The narrow waist, the chest, the proud flair of the wings off his collar bone and elbows.

He was talking to the people but everytime he came up he was slithering all over the card preening for me! He knows how I'm trying to lose weight, and right now it is a mental battle for me, but because I'm so eager for the body image of thin he has a bit of power over me. This was so maddening for me.

Now why the Glanconer? Why am I not looking at the cards with the naked female fae and dreaming of their bodies? How about the lush figure of the Dark Lady? No, it is the Glanconer who always gets to me when it comes to my body image....

I want you all to get this because it was a little freaky.
Here I am reading for everyone, trying to connect to their stuff and the whole time I'm looking at how thin and muscular he is and dreaming of thin and muscular for me, and feeling really yucky about myself, thinking about how do I look to the people, do they think I'm too heavy.....and the Glanconer is like gleefully dancing around....

So he got me. He got me good.


Wow... that's a powerful experience with The Glanconer, elf! The Glanconer is all about seeing what you wish to see alright... and it sound to me like he was dually projecting what YOU wanted to see of yourself, while reading him for others.

I have often noticed and pondered on the hidden face at his third eye chakra. Is there another aspect of yourself that you're hiding from? Or is it something that's trying to emerge from within you, but you are holding it back?

These cards really are fantastic mirrors, aren't they??


The Glaconer is a card that took me a while to figure out, and it was not until I wrote a story that included him (based on random draw of cards) that I got quite a bit of insight into him. He is about deception, and in his own way he does exhude sex appeal. He will let you trick yourself into believing what ever it is, not because he is bad, but because he is about temptation ... it is simply his nature.


I agree with Jewel... the word "Temptation" completely sums up my Glanconer experience as well. He has shown up to signify certain aspects of Temptation for myself as well... he's kinda like that dangling carrot at the end of the stick. You just WISH you could Have It, Have It, Have It.

There is something almost covetous that he brings out in me.


The Glanconer likes to hover around the "Buy It Now Button."
"Can I punch it?'
"Can I huh, huh?"
"Pleeeeeases let me punch it, you know you want me too!" })


Wow, those are definitely some different view points of the Glanconer. To me, the Glanconer is the life of the party, the dancer that everyone is watching, the actor who has center stage. He is the life of entertainment. Who he truly is he will always keep hidden under the facades of all the characters he's ever played out on stage, at parties, or while entertaining. He NEEDS to be the center of attention, but at the same time, he's not mean, instead very nice and loving. If he doesn't recieve this attention, he becomes very saddend (vs violent or mad).

If the face in his third eye becomes noticeable to me during a reading, then the other face usually has a message all on his own, and the different facades are done in such a way that it is harmful to the person trapped inside the mind, the one that was forgotten about, or pushed aside. This alter face has only shown itself to me twice though, but those were my experiences with the alter face.

I can see how this card can be defined as temptation. Usually when I see him show up, I smile to myself, sit back, and watch him perform his act for me. In the end, I always give him a standing ovation!


This card always signifies the "grass is greener" syndrome to me.

Whenever I am yearning for a big change (often job related) bc I find something in my life unbearable - I sometimes see the Glanconer.

He reminds me that I am "blinded by lust and want" and that the change I seek will NOT make all of my problems go away.

He often tells me that the issue is not all situational and goes deeper - to something inside of myself... the whole " you make your own happiness" thing.

I often HATE seeing him, because this is really not what I want to hear at all. But he brings me back to reality.



He's called "the Garconer" in the Fairy Ring Oracle. As soon as I saw his face, I recognized him. His is the image I see superimposed over every man I've ever loved.

That scoundrel.


To me, he is a big faker. He is wearing a lot of make up on his face and body. Light whisps off his body, hiding its true shape. I see Glamoury. His second or true face on his forehead has o eyes, just holes.
He's wearing hematite in his belly button. I see the purple around his eyes, the red streaks, the blue upper lip. If you look close you will see that is his tongue, not his teeth in that smile.
His chakras are even fake, accented with make up.


Ah, my least favorite card.

He just seems so arrogant and boastful - not only what what he *has* but of what you *do not*. It irritates me to no end. I keep asking myself, what does he want? Why is he bothering me in such a way? And then I realize that *is* what he wants which makes it all the worse.

I get the sense of self-importance, of holding yourself above others, and misusing your connections.