Card 9 - The Singer of Initiation


I find the Singer of Initiation to be one of the most complex of the Singers. When I look at this Singer I see many of the other Singers contained with it: I see the top of the sword and the upturned half moon of He of the Fiery Sword (Singer 5) - determination and decisvieness; I see the lighted points of Ekstasis (Singer 2); I see that the Guardian of the Gate (Singer 3) has moved aside and the gate is open; I see the shape of the Singer of The Chalice (Singer 12) - open and receptive; in the background behind the "Chalice" I see the Singer of Healing (10) - its points of light are also depicted down the center of the Singer of Initiation; I see aspects of She of the Cruach (Singer 5); and I see an incredible resemblance to the Singer of Courage (Singer 8).

In looking at these aspects, I see that these are the ingredients for passing an intiation and moving through the gate. It is not easy. It involves intellect, courage, anticipation, excitement, receptivity, and turst. Once passed there is healing and accomplishment.

When I receive this card in my daily draw, I can anticipate some challenges that will test me, and know the elements I need to pull together within myself to face the challenge, embrace it, and look at it as an opportunity not a challenge. To date this approach has not let me down.


Hi Jewel

Thanks for posting this much needed thread! Your interpretation seems pretty apt to me, I'd never noticed how it incorporates those other Singers.

If I could add my impressions, maybe there is a tinge of fear in this card for me...the being of light looks to me a little like a mysterious horned creature with his head in his hands and a cresent shaped crown. A strange and somewhat threatening-looking beast who 'tests' us before we are initiated. An experience of fear and difficulty, but, as you point out, necessary to pass through the initiation to healing.

Looked at again the being appears to be a human-like form jumping in a joyful starjump, with a crescent grin for a face. So perhaps those scary tests of initiation actually come from a place of love and joy.


greenbeans said:
So perhaps those scary tests of initiation actually come from a place of love and joy.
I agree completly. Initiations are not meant to be easy, they are rights of passage in which we have to face things we may not know we are ready to face. It is scary. But we have to get out of our comfort zones to get to the other side. Once we do, something in us awakens.


This card looks like Birth to me. I see a baby's head nestled in the mother's pelvic girdle, the mother's base chakra being the brightest. I see the red blood of birth between thighs.